Meet Kindra

Hey mamas!
Today I have a great mama for you to  meet, Kindra.  Well, you’ve met her before here, she’s been a regular on the blog helping us with our seasonal decor.  Always love her ideas and displays.  She’s creative, interesting, and always up for fun!  She’s the best to go decor shopping with because she is always thinking outside the box.  Anytime I tell her I like something but I don’t know what I’d do with it, she comes up with a list of ways to display it or to incorporate it into my decor.  Love that!  She’s also a fabulous cook and a wonderful party host.  I just know you will love her as much as I do!
sacmag 32
Hey Girls, my name is Kindra and I play wife to my handsome hub of eight years Paul and mom to my darling three-year-old daughter London.
I was born and raised in Sac but now call El Dorado Hills home. Mostly my time is spent managing the crazy schedules of our family but I also own a small party decorating business on the side.  It is my little fun outlet.  I love to decorate any and everything.  This includes decorating myself because I LOVE fashion.   I also really love to cook and work in my garden.  In fact, my newest prized possession is two vegetable boxes we just had built on the side of our house.  We filled it with winter vegetables and herbs. I can’t wait to eat from it real soon!  I enjoy surrounding myself with passionate, creative, and authentic people.  I would say the thing I dislike most is being stagnant. Here are a couple of my favorite quotes:
Quote 1
Quote 2
and lastly,
Quote 3

Currently Coveting

Furniture and decor for my house.  We moved ten months ago and I am still filling up the added space to make it feel like home.  I have a kind of mixed bag when it comes to my style.  I like to call it “Vintage Industrial” meets “Reclaimed California Casual”.  I have an infinite love for linen, cowhide, and burlap.  Some of my favorite things include old books, suitcases, and tarnished silver.  Its an obsession really.  My entire house is neutral shades of beige, white, and tan except for my daughters room which has light blue.  Currently, I am looking to finish my husbands office, our bedroom, and my my daughters room.  These are some of the things on my wish list:

This bed for my daughters room

londons room

These chairs for the office

chairs for office

And this setee for the end of my bed


And let’s not forget this map for the office wall (my daughters name is also London so I especially love this)


Restoration Hardware


I really love my…

Business!  About a year ago, a friend of mine and I decided to start a small business called Pinwheels & Polka Dots- Party Props for All Occasions.  We both shared a love for planning and throwing unique and fun birthday parties for our kids so we came up with a fun way to provide this as a service to others.  Together we collected, crafted, sewed, painted, and glued props for 15 birthday party and baby shower themes.  It was a blast!  Now, the props are available to rent and the best part is that we get to come decorate for you.  We truly love it!
P&P 1
Shabby Pink Lemonade
P&P 2
School Days
P&P 3
Little Gentlemen
P&P 4
Into the Woods
P&P 5
How does your Garden Grow?

Guilty Pleasure…

Bread.  I could survive the rest of my life on bread and butter.  I LOVE IT!  My favorite spot at Nugget Market is the bread rack.  Fresh loaves of Blue Cheese Walnut Sourdough,  Pumpkin Seed Sourdough, and Multiseed baguette.  O.M.G.  When I really indulge, I slather it with unsalted butter then add my own gourmet salt.  I picked up a box of specialty salt at William Sonoma awhile back and it has Red Sea Salt, Pink Salt, and this amazing Black Hawaiian Sea Salt.  Yum!

Fave beauty item:

My Dermalogica AGE smart Antioxidant Hydramist.  It is the perfect toner to help hydrate my skin.  On most days it is all I wear when I run out the door but I, at least, feel like I have put something healthy on my skin to start the day. When I actually have time to apply makeup I spritz it on twice.  Once before my make-up application and once after.  It leaves my skin looking dewy and helps set and hold my makeup.  Love it.

Recent mommy moment…

This happened several weeks back when I took my daughter to Kaiser for a checkup.  We had been in the waiting room for an eternity as usual and my daughter, London, was getting antsy.  All of the sudden a nurse walks out and calls for Alice.  As if on cue, London breaks out into song…Alice the camel has three humps.  Alice the camel has… Right away all the parents are laughing under their breath as I am trying to wrangle my daughter who had crawled about four chairs down from me to tell her that Alice is the little girls name and not a camel in this case.  Then I nearly died of embarassment.
OMG, hilarious!  Also, I’m totally dying over all those beautiful pieces from Restoration Hardware.  Love it!  Special thanks to Kindra for taking the time to let us into her word this morning.  Don’t forget to check out her business Pinwheels & Polka Dots- Party Props for All Occasions and like them on Facebook.


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