St. Paddy’s Inspo

Hey mamas!

With one holiday over it’s time to look to the next – St. Patrick’s Day.  Ms. Lou loves St. Patrick’s Day because she is on the hunt for those pesky Leprechauns.  They pull all kinds of shenanigans at our house.  (More on that next week.)  Her are some adorable St. Paddy’s ideas I’m loving from Pinterest.


Adorable Rainbow Dessert Cups

These look so cute and so easy to make.  I think my kids would devour these!


 Counting Leprechaun Gold 

Educational and thematic.  What’s not to love??


Shamrock Good Luck Eggs

So, my kids would probably not eat the bell pepper, but these are just too cute!


Mason Jar St. Patrick’s Day Gift

Sweet idea for a teacher!


Leprechaun Trap

My kids are dying to catch a leprechaun.  I see plenty of traps in my future.


St. Paddy’s Casserole

Corned been and cabbage just doesn’t do it for my family.  I love it!   But the rest of the Rinos…not so much.  So this might be a great recipe for us.


St. Paddy’s Sodas for the kiddos

My kids have still never had soda, but I’m sure I could find a version that does the same thing with juice.


St. Paddys DIY Art

Oh-em-gee!  So so cute!


Rainbow Necklace

An activity and a snack, yes please!


Leprechaun Trap

Another super cute idea to catch those pesky Leprechauns.


Adorable Leprechaun Shoe Planter

There was no source for this one, but it really makes me want to go buy some Leprechaun shoes.   Adorable!


One thought on “St. Paddy’s Inspo

  1. On to the next is right! These holidays just keep coming, geez. Thanks for keeping us on our toes. Some super cute ideas here, I’m loving the necklace snack combo and the DIY wall art! I see a project in my near future. XOXO


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