Go See Do: Get into Nature

Hey mamas,

On Sunday, our little family decided to enjoy the beautiful weather by exploring a local nature area.  It was perfect weather and for some reason there were very few people out.  Except for a few mountain bikers, we felt like we had the whole place to ourselves.  I highly reccomnd any local peeps take their families to the New York Creek Nature Area.  But if you’re not local, find somewhere to explore.  I’m sure your community has something similar.  We saw squirrels, birds, tadpoles, and so much more.  The kids loved it, they learned so much and we all had a great time bonding.  Plus, it was free!  Free family fun.  Now that’s hard to come across these days!


We parked at the baseball diamond at El Dorado Hills CSD Park and started on the trail there.


There was literally no one out for the longest time.  So we let the kids lead.

They loved the independence of being in charge.


This is an unpaved path.  You can bring your stroller, but just be aware that it will probably get pretty dirty and you will have to carry it over several creek crossings.


We came across this super cool rock covered in moss.  We taught the kids about why moss was growing here, what moss feels like, and why there was different shades of green on the moss.


They loved the texture when they touched it.


We came across mushrooms.  Another great teaching opportunity.

Some great photo ops!  This guy looks like he’s ready to start filling out college applications.  LOL, where has my baby gone?


We let Ms. Lou head down a path all by herself.  (There are little paths that break off of the main trail.  We could see her the whole time and it was a short jaunt.)


Brady just wanted to try to balance on every log he came across.


Ms. Lou found a “nest”.


When we came across the tagged oaks, it was another great teaching opportunity.  The oaks are tagged so that their growth, sicknesses, and death or removal can be tracked.


Some plants were still confused that it wasn’t spring, so they were blooming.  The kids liked this one because it looked like a caterpillar.  Because this plant still had the shell on the end of the bloom and still had new growth, the kids were able to see how it started and ended.  Very neat.


I packed some left over Vday M&Ms.  We needed our fuel!


We did a little tree climbing.


Lou found a walking stick and used it to measure the depth of all the creeks we came across.


There were obstacles to face.


They learned that when they face them together, they can do it better, have more fun, and can rely on each other.


Lots of running.


And lots of trying to walk in daddy’s path.

Our family thoroughly enjoyed our time here.  One downside is that there was a lot of litter in certain parts of the trail.  Next time I would bring a large garbage bag and some gloves to do our part to keep our community clean.  Also, we only got about halfway through the trail because little feet can only go so far.  So next time I would park at the other end and start on that side.  I loved how simple this trip was, it was all about nature and togetherness.  It was very uncomplicated.  After we explore the whole trail, I’ll complicate things by bringing a nature scavenger hunt game for them to play.  So much fun to be had outside!



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