Happy Presidents Day

Hey mamas!

Happy Presidents Day!  Today we are celebrating George Washington as the first President of the United States and Abe Lincoln as well as all the other Presidents.


That George, excellent advice.  Especially the “be courteous to all” part.  I think that can get lost in this age of social media.  So many of us (myself included) do much of our socializing through a computer instead of F2F (face to face).  Thus allowing for a little more anonymity.  For example, think about Facebook.  We’ve all seen it; someone comments on someone else’s post and it may not be a nice comment.  I’m not saying super mean, I’m just saying…not courteous.  It’s interesting because you know it’s something the commenter would never have said to the poster F2F.  It’s a weird phenomenon.  Let’s all try to go with Georg’s words of wisdom today.  Be it in the coffee shop, the grocery store, or online.  Let’s all be courteous to all.


Abe was a man after my own heart.  Do good.  I’m a philanthropist at heart.  And he’s right doing good makes you feel good.  Today, while you’re being courteous, try to do a good deed for someone.  I bet it will make you smile and feel good.  It will probably make the receiver of the good deed feel good too.  Maybe they would pay that forward…wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Here are some great President’s Day crafts.  You can see how to make them with your kids here.  There are some really cute and easy crafts here that you can do with what you have on hand.

Have a great day!


PS – Don’t forget to put your flag up!



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