Valentine’s Day Decor

Valentine's Day Decor

You all know how much I love to decorate for each holiday.  Because Valentine’s Day is tomorrow I thought I would take you on a tour of my Vday decor.

Valentine's Day Decor

Sweet daffodils from a dear friend and a new purchase this year: an oversized metal heart.  Purchased here.

Valentine's Day Decor

My entryway greets you with this adorable pillow.

Valentine's Day Decor

And a sweet message to Julissa from Good Day Sacramento.  This easel was purchased here.

Valentine's Day Decor

Free printable and a sweet cherub on my vintage buffet in the front hall.

Valentine's Day Decor

  I just love having flowers all around the house.  Especially during this holiday, but I always have an arrangement somewhere.  Here’s a very colorful look at the flowers on my kitchen table.


 Fresh flowers, vintage candy dish, and my Argyle Heart wreath.

Valentine's Day Decor


Quintessential Valentine’s day: conversation hearts and colorful flowers.

Valentine's Day Decor

Another metal heart on the mantel and a chippy old cherub sits atop my vintage postage scale.

Valentine's Day Decor


A look at my bookshelves lately.

Valentine's Day Decor

Pale pink pearls on a string with a pale pink candle cluster protected by antlers.  Fun fact: the pearls and candles were part of the decor at my wedding ceremony.  I think of that every time I look at them.


Above the kid’s toy storage sits vintage skates, a blue chippy gate with chicken wire, and a framed LOVE scarf.  That scarf was given to me years ago from a very close girlfriend.  I love the scarf.  It’s Coach and the proceeds of the purchases went to breast cancer awareness.  But, I just love the was it looks when framed.



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