Good Day Goodies: Hand Heart Gift

hand heart

Valentine’s Day Hand Heart Craft

Here’s the tutorial for the super cute and easy Hand Heart Craft.  This would make a great grandparent gift.  I walked through the project on Good Day Sacramento this morning.  Here’s a link to the video.


  • Heavy card stock of choice
  • red paint
  • pink paint
  • large paint brush or paint sponge
  • Black marker
  • scissors
  • Cute kiddos


Take the hand of one willing participant and paint it red.  Place the hand down in the middle of your card stock.  Press down and pull the little hand directly up.  (That’s the hard part!)  Let that dry a few minutes and take the other hand, paint it pink.  Place it down with the fingers overlapping.  (The palms of the hand make up the top of the heart.)  Now, pull the little hand directly up.  Let this dry for about an hour.  Then, take your scissors and cut it out to embellish the heart shape while leaving a little space around it to write some love notes.  Fun Fact: Did you know that SWAK means “Sealed with a kiss?”.  Anyway, be sure to write the year on the back.  You can frame it or gift it as is.  Very sweet.






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