Meet Hillary

Meet Hillary


Seriously, I have someone special for you today.  I know, I say that every week, but it’s true!  Hillary is truly the whole package.  She’s the nicest girl you could ever meet, super duper adorable, gorgeous, and so smart.  Plus, she’s a real good time.  She has the ability to make you feel amazing within the first five seconds of speaking with her.  I’ve known her since high school and she was always the coolest and most loved girl.  I have many memories with her, but my fondest are the times spent in Tahoe listening to her dad tell his famous “Juan Pierre” joke.  Hillary always knows the latest and the greatest on skincare, make-up, fashion, and fitness.  She’s a wealth of information and always a bright spot in anyone’s day.  I’m sure you’ll love her too!

Meet Hillary

Hi! I’m Hillary Boyd. I am married to my handsome hubby Kevin and we have two kids, Tanner (3) and Stella (18 months).  I grew up in northern California (Davis) and went to school at SDSU.  I was living in LA, working in pharmaceutical sales, when I found out I was preggo with my son Tanner.  I decided to quit the corporate world and follow my dream.  I opened a Dailey Method studio in Calabasas when my son was only three months old.  I am completely obsessed with The Dailey Method.  I literally think it is the most amazing exercise class out there.  When I got preggo with my daughter Stella, my hubby and I started evaluating our life.  We both loved WHAT we were doing, but didn’t love WHERE we were doing it.  We just aren’t “LA” people.   Kevin was born and raised in Del Mar, CA (which could possibly be the most adorable and beautiful place in the world.  Like, it feels like vacay all the time).  We would come down to visit frequently and finally asked ourselves, “Why don’t we live down there?!”.  So just like that, we moved!  I sold my studio and he found a new job.  It was the best decision we have ever made.

Raising our kids at the beach feels very right for our family.  That being said, I am in the midst of an identity crisis of sorts.  A big part of my identity was owning my sweet little studio and now I don’t have that.  I am soul searching to try to figure out what is next for me (other than being a mom and wife).  Good news is I still get my Dailey fix because I teach at the studio in Carlsbad and try to take a class 3-4 times a week!

Currently Coveting

Meet Hillary

A year long membership to Dry Bar.  That may seem excessive but that place makes me so happy!  I have a ton of hair and generally let it air dry, but I love a good blow out!

Meet Hillary

Serena and Lily bedding.  I die over Serena and Lily.  I should be their third partner.  Serena, Lily and Hillary.  I literally love everything they make.  I am trying to make our master bedroom cuter (so mommy- typical to care about everyone else’s room first!), so I  am getting my bedding from them, obvi.


Meet Hillary

fitbit or something along those lines.  I need some cardio inspiration.  Bleh, I hate cardio.  But the older I get, the more I know I need it.  I have a treadmill, I just never use it (except as a drying rack), I am hoping a fitbit will inspire me!

I really love my…

Meet Hillary


Clarisonic.  Exfoliation is the secret.  I am skin-obsessed and I would say it’s a must have.


Meet Hillary

Nutri bullet.  Green smoothies have changed my life. A Vitamix is lovely too.  I call the Nutri bullet the “working woman’s vitamix” ha ha.  But seriously, back to being skin obsessed, it all starts by what you put into your body.  My Nutri bullet makes it super easy to eat a crap-load of greens.

Meet Hillary


1. Splits 59  //  2. Beyond Yoga  //  3. Karma

Workout clothes.   I wear them 7 days a week.  I go for quality.  Lululemon  is a staple, but I’m really loving smaller more boutique brands like Splits 59KarmaStrut, and Beyond Yoga.

Guilty pleasure…

Meet Hillary


Sweets.  I just finished the most amazing cleanse (its really more of an elimination diet) called The 30 Clean (totally recommend it!).  I gave up sugar, dairy, grains, and gluten for 30 days.  Sugar was by far the hardest.  I love a nice dish of ice cream or a piece of chocolate.  The problem is I have zero self control and have been known to get binge-y.

Meet Hillary


Suja juices.  These are amazing.  So freaking yummy.  My favorite is Lemon Love.  These are a healthy (but expensive!) guilty pleasure.

Fave beauty items:

Meet Hillary


Khiels #1 Lip Balm.  In the pot, not the tube.  It is my all time fave.  I have a jillion.  I always have one close by or I panic.  Love, love, love.

Meet Hillary


Unite 7 seconds Condition.  This is a great leave in conditioner.  I have long hair that gets tangled easily.  This stuff is pretty amazing.

Recent mommy moment…

Meet Hillary

My daughter Stella (18 months) locked herself in our guest bathroom and proceeded to pull out drawers behind the locked door.  So even if we jimmied the lock open, there was no way to get the door open unless she shut the drawers, which we knocked off their track bc we were trying to push the door open.  We couldn’t take the door off its hinges because the hinges are inside the bathroom.  So I am in the hallway freaking out, she is screaming (because the lights are off and she was scared).   Long story short, we end up having to take a sledge hammer to the door to break it down while trying to make sure she is safe.  It was a freaking nightmare.  And now I have no door to our guest bath.  It is on my to do list, but the list is long and I don’t have very much free time, so I’ll get to it when I get to it!

Oh man!  I can’t even imagine what I would do.  Isn’t she he cutest?!  Thanks for all the info Hill!  I now have new workout clothes to obsess over!!!  I checked out the cleanse she mentioned, The 30 Clean, it looks awesome!  Plus, they have a guided cleanse coming up!  It starts February 24th.  Love it all!



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