Sochi 2014

привет мама!

In honor of the 2014 olypics starting today and the opening ceremony tomorrow I thought I’d share some fun Olympic themed pins.


Thanks to the curling team from Norway I have broken my obsession with chevron stripes.





Seems like the perfect thing to enjoy while watching the opening ceremony.


No source

Here’s the layout for the games.



Wear your Olympic pride just like the athletes.



Send your kids to school with the olympic spirit.



Olympic torch to have your own opening ceremony at home.



Make some medals with your kids.



Olympic ring toss.

These are all fun and flowery, but let’s talk about what we’ve all been hearing about: the horror stories coming from the journalists that have been descending on the Russian resort town of Sochi.  For example, CNN booked 11 hotel rooms 5 months ago and showed up and were told to share one.  There has been a ton of rain (aren’t we jealous) that has slowed the construction process on the nine hotels making only 6 operational.

Here is the litany of other issues at many Sochi hotels: stray dogs, no heat, no doors, dangerous tap water, no lights, open man holes, no shower curtains, strange unwelcome visitors coming into private rooms in the middle of the night, odd toilet set-ups, all while multiple serious threats have been made by terrorists.  So scary and sad.  But, you know, I’m sure Russia just didn’t have the cash to pour into having the Olympics.  Wrong, Putin put $51 billion (allegedly) into prepping for the games.  Here are a few articles if you would like to read up the craziness that is happening.

-Fox News article

-Hollywood Reporter article

-Washington Post’s hilarious Twitter recap

-Daily Mail article

Some of the translations posted shared in twit pics is pretty funny.  for example: “shower of sensation” or a menu item listed as “cakes in ass”.

All in all, it’s sad not funny.  I really feel for the athletes who have been training their whole lives to make it to the games and for the journalists who are supposed to be there for at least 17 days and have to stay in unsafe and unclean conditions.  On top of that they are to perform under the threat of terrorist attacks.  Let’s hope the worst of it is behind them for the sake of everyone from all across the world at the games, watching the games, and participating in the games.  Oh, and GOOOOOOOOO USA!




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