Valentine’s Gift Guide

Hey mamas (and gentlemen),

So, we’ve been thinking about what gifts we will get the teacher, the nanny, the babysitter, the garbage man, the gardener, what our kids will hand out at school, the grandparents, the siblings….but have you thought about what to get your significant other?  Have no fear, I’m here to help.  (Also, please pass this list along to your hubby and you will surely have a fab gift.  Oh, you think that’s too forward?  Just send me his email and I’ll send it to him for you.  I’m here for you.)

GG - 16

For Her

GG - 1

Jo Malone™ ‘Nectarine Blossom & Honey’ Cologne $115

This has long been my favorite scent, yet I’ve never bought it.  For some reason I can justify buying an $80 bottle but not anything over $100.  Go figure.  The scent is light and slightly fruity.  Any Jo Malone scent is a winner.

GG - 8


GG - 9


I am OBSESSED with this brand’s jewelry.  I have been for oh-so-long!  Seriously, this particular item is always on the top of my list.  I would like my necklace to have my son and daughter’s initials in the back with an N in the front for the hubster.

GG - 7


It is a holiday all about expressing love…just saying’.

GG - 11GG - 5

GBD_w.Dr name logo

Dr. Hearth (916) 773-3376

Warning: Only buy these things for your lady if you know, (FOR A FACT), that she already does these things or really wants to start doing these things.  Otherwise, you might get into some trouble.  Dr. Hearth is the best.  From what I hear, people come from far and wide for his wrinkle reducing services…

GG - 12


Vicky with Bella Bloom flowers is awesome.  I suggest ordering from her or hand delivering yourself.  The nationwide services have never really wowed me.  Vicky is awesome.  But you know what else is really awesome…A handsome man hand delivering flowers.  It’s adorable..def swoon-worthy.

For Him

GG - 3

John Varvatos ‘jv Platinum’ Eau de Toilette $82

I have a perfume-ista expert in my arsenal and she highly recommends this scent!

GG - 13

SIGNATURE 7-STEP FACIAL SHAVE:Relax and enjoy a hot-towel prep with essential oils, a professional shave, deep cleansing, toning treatment, moisturizing, aftershave and talc.

So, apparently this will feel like a complete spa day for your man.

We have one of these in Folsom, but I’m sure there are other places like this in  your town if you’re not local.

For Both:

GG - 14

Customized Phone Case about $35


GG - 4

Couples Spa Time

Two of my favorite local spas are Hoshall’s Folsom and Arden Hills Resort and Spa.  If you’re not local or you just want your sweetie to have more flexibility on her spa choose I recommend Spa Finder.  You can buy a gift card and the person can select from a listing of spas nationwide.

GG - 15

How about a weekend away?  I’m thinking St. Helena.  Stay at the Harvest Inn, explore the town, do some wine tasting, and get pampered at the Health Spa Napa Valley.

Happy shopping!




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