Under sink storage

Hey mamas!

I heart organizing.  No, seriously, I’m not kidding.  I really do!  I feel at peace when things are in their place.  When daily life is stressful, I blame it all on not being organized.  If you and your home are organized you typically won’t miss appointments or engagements and you won’t be nearly as late.  (Of course if someone poops right as you are walking through the door no amount of organization can get back those few minutes it takes to change a diaper.)  Organization systems have to be in place to live efficiently and organizing your home is the tool you need to execute it properly. (<—– Seriously, this is one of my many mottos!)

Well, there are a few black holes in my home right now….I know!  I can’t believe it either.  I’m working on righting those wrongs.  Trust me.  And I will document my messes for the greater good.  LOL.  (Don’t try to lie, you all know you like to see a train wreck every now and then…)

So I decided to start with my under sink storage in my bathroom.  OK, this is embarrassing, but I’m only showing you because I know you won’t judge me….

undersink - before

I mean, I don’t even know what’s going on here.  I store my make-up on my countertop and my daily toiletries in my medicine cabinet, so I don’t really go in here that often.  I do have to go in here to use my curling iron and hairspray, but I only do my hair about once a week or so.  The rest of the stuff is back up make-up (like when you get a spray tan and need a bit darker shade – THAT’S A MUST!), Latisse and Latisse applicators, travel toiletries, and I-have-absolutely-no-idea-what-the-heck-else-is-under-there…..


So I took it all out and sorted through it.  (I also decided to go through the bottom drawer too.)  I threw away two shopping bags worth of expired stuff, empty bottles, empty boxes, and stuff that was weird.


I picked these guys up at Target for about $6 each.  This is exactly what I need in my life!


I also picked these up at target in the dolla dolla bins y’all!  Seriously, I have a label hoarding issue.  My craft drawers are full of the beauties!  Love them!  And, if they are chalkboard…fugetaboutit!


So, I put the drawers in and floated a box (it was in there before, but you couldn’t see it because it was covered in weird stuff and an exorbitant amount of Latisse applicators) and felt soooooo happy.

IMG_5880Then I added my glorious labels.  Ahhhhhh, peace and serenity.  The floating box has travel sized items.  Under the box are two hair tools I don’t really use: a large barrel curling iron and a curl wand (seriously, how the eff do you use the wand?  I try and try and try but it always comes out looking dumb.  I mean, I was a little sketch when I found out it came with a black glove….but I tried it anyway because what girl isn’t in search of the most perf beach waves ever…..).  On top is a dry brush, a round brush, and a container of hair thingies.  In front is some lotion that I think 1995 wants back.  How did that slip through my sorting process???  And some of my fave hairspray that my daughter says smells real real bad.  In the drawers I have extra beauty stuff and on top is my hair dryer and the best body bronzer ever!!!  Seriously, love that stuff!  It’s from Victoria’s Secret and I feel just like Marisa Miller whenever I use it.  I took out the extra make-up and put them in the small set of drawers and moved them to my closet.

undersink - before and after collage

I feel so much better already!

Have a great day!



6 thoughts on “Under sink storage

  1. I have those chalkboard labels and the little plastic drawer thingies from Target, I just never thought to use them TOGETHER! I just open each little drawer every time until I figure out which one is the right one. Thanks to my labels, I know exactly which container has regular flour, bread flour, wheat flour, etc. (no, I am not gluten free!) in it in the kitchen, but I never thought to use them outside the kitchen for some reason. Thanks for the idea!


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