Pennies from heaven

Hey mamas!


I hope you all had a fab weekend and enjoyed some comfort food and the Super Bowl halftime show.  I know I did!


My grandmother (my mom’s mom) died during my first year of marriage.  Growing up, I was very close to my Grandpa and my Grandma.  They lived about a mile from my parents and we would see them frequently.  I cherished my time with them.  My Grandma was always cooking or baking and always welcomed time spent together.  She had told me about pennies from heaven several times.  She would say, “If you see a penny laying on the ground pick it up!  It’s an angel from heaven talking to you.  But only if it’s heads up…”.  I didn’t think much about it, but I would pick up heads up pennies anyway.

After she passed away, I began to find heads up pennies everywhere.  They seemed to pop up during difficult or exciting times.  I knew it was her…just looking down and offering a hug or a smile.  The day my husband and I found out our first born would be a girl, I was stunned.  I thought she would be a he for sure.  I had planned his little life in my head.  I was excited to be a “boy mom”.  I was so wrong.  They told me it was a girl.  I was thrilled…but not at first.  It took me the whole ride home to get used to the idea.  When we arrived home I got out of the car to find a glorious heads up penny.  Grandma.  She was telling me to get excited.

During a particularly bumpy year in my life I found these pennies everywhere.  Having faith in that superstitious belief of my Grandma’s brought me comfort.  Isn’t it silly?  Silly and magical.  It has been something that makes me smile or makes me cry.  It has always evoked some kind of an emotional response.  I have been collecting them for so long.  I’ve wanted to incorporate all these pennies from heaven into my home for as long as I can remember.


Penny flooring, I remember house hunting and hoping that each house would have the perfect little powder room or entry way I could re-tile in the pennies from heaven I had been collecting over the years.  The house we ended up buying didn’t have the place for this.  But some day I know I’ll do this!  Wouldn’t that be a happy little space?!  Pennies from heaven…

Do you collect heads up pennies too?


What’s happening this week:

Monday, February 3rd – 10am – Momtourage playdate at Bouncetown El Dorado Hills

Tuesday, February 4th – 10am – Toddler Time at the Folsom Library

Wednesday, February 5th – 11am – Book Babies at the Folsom Library

Thursday, February 6th – 12pm – Little Friends Open House at Folsom Sports Complex ($5)

Friday, February 7th – 7pm – Daddy and Me Valentine’s Dance at El Dorado Hills CSD

Saturday, February 8th – 10am – Owl Be Your Valentine at the Folsom City Zoo

Sunday, February 9th – 10am – Owl Be Your Valentine at the Folsom City Zoo

For full details and a complete calendar of events check out my calendar page.


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