Meet Jovan



It’s Friday!!!!  And that means I have another lovely mama for you to meet.  Her name is Jovan and she is someone you want to hang out with.

Seriously, anyone that meets her will agree, she’s so fun!  I first met Jovan at our Mercy new mom support group back when our 5 year olds were just a few weeks old.  We always had good times.  She moved away for a bit and now she’s back!  I’m so happy to call her a friend and a neighbor.  Yep, that’s right.  She moved just around the corner from me.  So fun!  Jovan is gifted in so many ways, but she’s an amazing cook and baker.  She provided all the desserts for the Momtourage GIVE Event this year.  They were all delicious!

sacmag 25

Meet Jovan



Hi! Let me start by introducing myself… I’m Jovan and I’m originally from San Diego.  I moved to Folsom in 2006 after getting married.  I have two children: Zuri (almost 5) and Reau (almost 3).


To make it easier and much quicker, I have prepared bullet points below to give you a little insight about myself.

  • Met my husband Brett in San Diego in 2002.  Lets just say he has blond hair and blue eyes….can we say “My big fat Greek wedding.” Poor guy!  He had no idea what he got himself into.  Middle Eastern girl marries American boy…it is a reality show waiting to happen.
  • My family loves to cook, wear jewelry, and talk very loudly – Yes, all at the same time!  ( I think I get this from them.)
  • My whole family lives in San Diego. I have a huge Middle Eastern family. I mean huge….Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, all just immediate…Let’s not get into second cousins and great aunts and uncles…We will never get to my favorite beauty items.
  • I like bullet points and lists!!!! I love lists! I actually think I like the checking off of the things on my list the most.  Plus, I can get right to the point!


  • I love to cook and entertain.  I would throw a party every week, if I could.
  • I love food. Especially foods from all over the world.
  • I was in the insurance industry for 13 years.  I quit my career in the insurance world to go back to San Diego for a new venture in 2011.


  • The wine business!  My family has a wine store in one of the most hidden and beautiful neighborhoods in San Diego.  Mission Hills.


  • The street is lit like this all year long minus the trees of course.
  • I moved back to help open a wine bar directly next door to my parent’s wine store in 2011.  It has since morphed into a catering/private event business, as well.
  • In September of 2013, my husband’s work brought us back to Folsom.  We are so happy to be back in Folsom to begin the next chapter of our lives!!

Currently Coveting:

Sexy Room

A fully decorated house.  I have decided to start with a “Sexy Room.” You see, I am decorating challenged.  But recently, I was over at a new acquaintance’s home and discovered what I call the SEXY ROOM!!!  It had a red Marylin Monroe couch, an amazing glass coffee table, there were crystals everywhere, fancy chairs and side tables!  I was in heaven!!! Granted, it was dusty and looked like no one had EVER sat in the room at all, BUT….it was S-E-X-Y.  I told her that I wanted to put on a gown and heels and have a martini.  It just seemed like something that you see in a soap opera.  The one where they wake up with jewels and ball gowns?  I fell in love and from then on (four months ago to be exact) I have wanted my own sexy room.  I constantly try to decorate and I fail miserably.  It is just not something I have been blessed with.  I jokingly tell those I know, I can’t even pick out decorative pillows…It’s true, I can’t.

I really love…

Lavish Scrub

“Lavish” Rosemary and Herb Body Sugar Scrub $35

I really value my 2:00-4:36 minute showers.  Being a mom with two little ones, I don’t get much “me” time or quiet time. This scrub makes me feel like I am at the spa for a few minutes. The smell is so relaxing and the scrub is the best exfoliator ever! I love that there are chunks of rosemary and real herbs in my scrub! There are two other types to choose from: Lemon Poppy Seed Citrus and Tahitian Brown Sugar and Coconut.


“Lavish” Vital Moisture Face & Eye Creme 44.98

I started using Lavish’s Vital Moisturizer for my face and eyes a couple years ago and have been in love ever since. It is magnificent. Not only does this also smell good, but my face never felt better. I have been out of this stuff for a month and my face is drooping and melting away.  I can feel it. The moisture is just right, it is not too greasy nor does it feel like silicone. If you are looking for a new face cream, try this.  I love it!!!!!!  I believe you can only purchase at Lavish in Mission Hills San Diego, Ca at their website. Free shipping for any orders over $75.00.

I think I have tried hundreds of face creams.  I have tried major name brands, Dr.’s formulas, products from Europe, and a $5.00 bottle from Trader Joe’s. I will say though,  I have never tried the Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty.  I hear the Melon extract really does the trick.  

Guilty Pleasure…

My guilty pleasure consists of two places…Yep, that’s right….Target and Costco. I have many guilty pleasures, but the two main ones would have to be shopping at these two fab places. I feel like I spend most of my free time here.  My poor son asks for pizza and water every time we pull into the parking lot at Costco.  Popcorn, when we pull into Target.  (I know I am a terrible mother….I let my kids watch T.V. too…) Mommy gets a Starbucks and kiddos get their treats!!!! Everyone is happy.


For starters, I don’t know what it is about the $1 section at Target.  I feel a magnetic pull when I first arrive there.  Immediately, I am drawn to the dollar section! It is bright and colorful and just makes me feel good.  Every once in a while I find learning pads for the kids or random holiday gadgets. If you shop at Le Target you understand what I am saying.  I can’t explain it, it’s a weakness.


Costco is my absolute favorite place! It used to be the shoe department at Nordstrom’s, but things change.  Strawberries, grapes, tomatoes, bags of pita chips, salad mix, toilet paper, cases of water, and whatever new item they have.  My poor husband has to remind me that we don’t have a family of 32.  Sometimes, I wish I did.  I could at least justify the Costco shopping.  The cheese section, gizmos, gadgets, plants, and new chips that someone has decided to make out of pomegranates.  I even purchased a new mirror that I put in my sexy room.

photo (1)

(Jovan’s ACTUAL sexy room.)

They have something for everyone!  Even Yoga Pants!  I can’t wait to go back.  Especially when they draw a smiley face on my receipt! That’s what I call customer service.

Fave beauty items:

Dior Concelear

  Nordstrom Diorskin Sculpt Concealer – $36 

Chanel Compact

Nordstrom Chanel Double Perfection Lumiere Long-Wear Powder Make-up $52.50

I don’t wear foundation, so this is perfect for me. I like light and long lasting.

Too Faced Bronzer

  Ulta Too Faced The Bronzed and The Beautiful $38

I truly can’t live without bronzer!!!!

Bobby Brown Blush

Nordstrom Bobby Brown Blush Bright Pink $26

Hypnose Drama Mascara

 Nordstrom Lancôme Hypnose Drama Mascara $27.50

Make sure you always wait for the buy two get one free offer.  I do everything with mascara!

Bobby Brown Lip Gloss

Nordstrom Bobby Brown Lip Gloss – Bright Pink, Cotton Candy and Marmalade $24

These items are not only my favorite items, they are ALL my “I can’t live without” items.  These are the items that make me feel like a girl when I need that extra brightening!

Recent mommy moment…


That would have to be at a recent play date.  I was sitting with the other moms chatting when my daughter comes along and says, “Mommy say goodbye to your friends, I am going to be late to dance class!”  So, basically….it’s time to end MY play date!

Wow!  That Jovan, she’s a giver!  There’s no way you didn’t relate/laugh/learn something new after meeting her.  Special thanks to Jovan for telling us all her secrets!

Have a great weekend!



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