Teachable Tuesday

Hey mamas!

FCCF at the lake

On Saturday I had the pleasure of doing a mystery WOD with FCCF at Folsom Lake, or what’s left of it.

folsom lake

If you’re not a local, the top picture is what the lake looks like now and the bottom is what it should look like.  Clearly, it’s scary low.  For the past month I have seen countless families and people park (like, thousands of cars the lining streets around the lake entries) and take their kids and dogs to explore what’s left of the lake.  You see, there used to be a town called Mormon Island that grew out of a settlement along the American River during the Gold Rush Days.  Well, a fire destroyed the town in 1856 and they never rebuilt.  They moved the cemetery and made plans to flood what was left of the town to create Folsom Damn.  At the height of the town there were 2500 people and several buildings.  Today, people have been exploring the ruins of the old town, a bridge or two that would have been submerged under water, and probably countless pairs of sunglasses that have dropped off boats throughout the years.

Anyway, this experience made me think about water conservation.  I’m not the picture of conservation by any stretch, but I think this was the wake-up call I needed to get better about it and to teach my children about it.

In a perfect world all our houses would be as effective at water and energy conservation as this.  But in the meantime here are a few things we can do to teach our kids and ourselves about being water conscious.

-Turn off the water while brushing your teeth or washing your hands

-Wash full loads of clothes

-Have your kids take a shower instead of a bath

(if you can – my 2 year old won’t!) Set your phone timer to 5 minutes and make it a game to see if they can wash everything in time.

-Pour any leftover water (from a glass you didn’t finish) into your plants.

-Plant drought resistant plants for spring instead of the usual flowers.

-Create a “grey water” barrel at your downspout and use that to water your plants.

-Talk about it! 

Seriously, just talking about it will help them understand and they will keep  you on task too.  Here are a few books to check out to help drive the point home.


Did a Dinosaur Drink This Water? by Robert E. Wells


The Magic School Bus At The Waterworks by Joanna Cole


Does your kid love video games and know a lot about water conservation?  Well they should play this game.

Move the water-efficiency hero Flo through water pipes and answer water-efficiency questions while avoiding water-wasting monsters. Use the information you’ve learned on this Web site to test your knowledge.

Looks like edutainment to me!

Mamas, take your kids to Folsom Dust Bowl to explore!  Just be ready to talk about conservation and why there is no more water in the lake.  I’m sure they’ll have tons of questions.  I can’t wait to take mine!



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