Meet Missy

Our lovely mama of the day is Missy.  I’ve had the pleasure of knowing this beauty since my daughter was just a few weeks old.  She was always quick to commiserate about sleeping issues, teething issues, and the when-do-I-do this or that questions that came with being a new mom.  She almost always had an answer to those questions that she experienced or a friend of hers did.  It was always so comforting to talk to her back then!  And not much has changed.  Our kids were in preschool together and she was one of the class moms, no surprise there. She’s so organized and enthusiastic about being as involved as possible in her son’s life.  It’s definitely something we have in common.  Over these five years we’ve been friends, I’m pretty sure we’ve gone out to dinner about every month.  It’s always so fun!  She loves her red wine (or a beer on occasion) and she loves to laugh.  She tells great stories and loves to hear all the crazy stories other mamas have.  Missy is a very fun, loving, and smart mama and friend.  I’m sure you’ll love her as much as I do!

Meet Missy

Sitting on rock
Hello ladies, my name is Missy and I’m excited to be “here” today! I live in El Dorado Hills with my wonderful husband Brian of almost 14 years and my amazing 5 year old son Gavin.  We’ve lived in EDH since 2005 after a 5 year stint in the North Bay; which we absolutely loved.  But when a business opportunity was presented to us to head back this direction we jumped at the chance.  See I’m originally from the Sacramento area so for me it was coming back home and even though Brian grew up in the East Bay we both attended California State University of Sacramento so we were thrilled to be back amongst my extended family and our friends.  We’ve since convinced Brian’s parents to move out here as well, so we are one great big happy family.
On Stairs
I currently am a SAHM (stay @ hm mom) and enjoy my title most days!  Prior to crowning myself as a Domestic Goddess I wore many different titles in the corporate world.  I have to say the last position held as a Corporate Finance Trainer was my absolute favorite.  I loved every aspect of the job and consider going back from time to time but the hours and traveling would not be conducive to the family life we desire, so for now, we count our blessings that I’m able to be home raising our precious son.

Currently Coveting:

I love fashion and have many, many items on my “wish” list however at the moment what I am coveting the most is a whole new backyard, redesigned  with entertaining in mind. Both my husband and I; even Gavin, love to entertain and do so as often as we can. Our current backyard however doesn’t lend itself to entertain in the dead of summer and with families with children my son’s age.  Gavin is part fish and loves to swim and so do most of his friends.  We spend a lot of time at the lake on our boat entertaining and end up heading back to the house but the kids are generally still wanting to swim.  So we hired a designer and he came up with a great landscape plan which includes a pool.  We are now trying to find that perfect contractor to make our dreams a reality, without of course, breaking the bank… wish us luck!

I really love…

In front of door
Family!  I love spending time with them!  I feel very blessed to be married to such a great man.  He truly makes me a better person and parent.  We are beyond best friends and have the best time together.  He is also a terrific father and I love nothing more than to watch him and our son interact.  Gavin truly is Brian’s “mini-me” and is such a joy to be around.  He makes my heart melt a hundred times a day.  He is bright and a very curious preschooler; which means he doesn’t miss a beat.  I love seeing the world thru his eyes.  As a family we enjoy many outdoor activities.  We love most all water sports, snow skiing/boarding, hiking, riding bikes and we hope to get Gavin out on the driving range soon.

Guilty Pleasure…

My guilty pleasure is dark chocolate and red wine… I love them each separately but paired together it’s like magic in mouth.  I usually end the evening with a little, or a lot, of both.  I prefer the dark chocolate to be over 72% and at the moment Vivani is my absolute favorite.  As for my red wine obsession I typically like an old vine or late harvest zin, barbara or port but really I’ll drink anything that has good aroma and a nice finish. Ending the night with a pour of tawny port always indicates it’s been a good day.

Fave beauty items:

green juice Collage
So this is going to sound a little odd but my absolute favorite beauty item is my juicer! I am a big believer that great skin is a reflection of what you put into your body and your digestion. I have many great recipes but love the ones that include carrots, spinach, parsley, kale, cucumber, apples and lemons.  Each of these ingredients have so many healthy skin benefits.
 I also do loveFix+ by MAC.  It’s an aqua-spritz of vitamins and minerals.  I spray on before bed and let my skin soak up the good stuff.

Recent mommy moment…

 I feel like there have been so many but this one stands out in my mind the clearest.  It was over this past Christmas.  Gavin and I were shopping and we both needed to use the restroom before heading home.  Several bags in hand we rush into a very crowded bathroom and while waiting in line a lady comes out of the stall and proceeds directly for the exit.  Gavin screams out “mommy, mommy there is a potty open; the pregnant lady that didn’t wash her hands is all done”.  I was mortified by him not only pointing out that she didn’t wash her hands but that she in fact wasn’t pregnant.  I was so embarrassed and pushed him along to the empty stall as fast as I could.  We then proceeded to entertain by piling into the stall with all our bags… and well if that wasn’t already so embarrassing Gavin then proceeds to say, “mom, I wish you could just pee like daddy and me… that way we could have just peed by the car”.  I busted up laughing so hard I was crying.  Needless to say we ended up staying in the stall a little longer than necessary to ensure all patrons who had witnessed the accounts had left.
Hilarious!  Love that Gavin.  I can just imagine Missy’s facial expression when Gavin said that.  Thank you so much Missy for taking the time to share all your secrets with us!
Have a great weekend!



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