Potty training help….

Hey mamas!

I need your help!  I had a pretty easy time potty training my daughter, but my son is giving me grief!  You see, I think my two-and-a-half-year-old son is ready to be potty trained, but he doesn’t agree.  Let me explain why I think he’s ready…

Over the summer we spent a lot of time in the backyard playing.  Most of the time he was naked.  And most of the time he would walk to a corner of the backyard pee and come back to play.  It was always the same corner!  So I figured because he could sense that he was going to pee and went to a specific place to do it that he could probably to the same thing in the toilet.  So, in the fall, I started a full blown onslaught of “big boy potty” talk.  Lou was talking to him about all the different possibilities of big bog underpants that would be available for his choosing.  That got him pretty excited.  Then HE started talking about new underpants.  I started seeing dollar signs from not having to buy diapers anymore.  The future was bright!

One day, while the bathtub was filling up, I decided I would stand him up on a stool in front of the toilet to see if he would pee.  Well, he screamed bloody murder while I tried to stand him on the stool.  He acted like I was going to flush him!  I’m pretty sure I traumatized him.  It was just a second or two but he was definitely freaked out.  I felt like the worst mom ever.  Especially after a “boy mom”, of an order boy, told me that they sit down when they are being potty trained.  OK, I had no idea!  It makes sense after she explained that the “stream” can get all over the place.  Thank goodness for moms helping moms!

I left the issue alone for a while because I felt like a jerk.  We didn’t talk about it as often around the house and I definitely didn’t push it.  Lou kept up her campaign of how cool “big boy underpants” are.  Then my son started to ask to be changed.  In fact, he was asking me to get him a “fresh diaper”.  I thought about that and was thinking that I should give the potty training a go again but the holidays were coming and I felt like it would be too much going on.  So, I left that alone… again.

After the holidays I started to notice that he would do something in his diaper and then immediately run to me and ask for a fresh diaper.  When I would change him he would kick and cry.  He just hated it!  So, I thought this is my chance to try it!  I started campaigning.  We read books about it, we talked about all the different unders he could wear (for the millionth time), he saw his sister, dad, and mom use a “big boy potty”, we talked about the different potties he could have, and the treats and prizes he could earn.  This talk went on for a few weeks.  Then, one day, he said he wanted to “go to target and get a potty”.  Hooray!

Everybody says you need to wait for them to tell you they’re ready.  Well that time had come and I was ready to reclaim my “dollar dollar bills yo” and “carpe” the heck out of this “diem”!  Off to target we went with a spring in my step.

Here’s what little Mr. Brady duped me into:

potty 1

A potty that revs it’s engine.
potty 2

Some super masculine boy unders.

potty 3

And his reward for using his big boy potty.  One M&M each time.

When we got home, he wanted the unders put on immediately.  But I waited until after nap.  When he woke up, we had a talk about how things would go.  “You put on the unders and if you have to pee you go sit down on the potty and call mommy.  Then you get an M&M.”  He seemed on board with the plan.  So we put the unders on, he asked to have his picture taken.  I walked him to the bathroom and he sat down on the potty (with the Cars unders on), it revved it’s engine, and he got up and asked for an M&M.  I obliged and he was satisfied.

I waited a few more minutes and told him he needed to try again, this time with out his unders on.  We went in I showed him how to pull them down then he sat down.  This is where he started to panic.  There’s, like, a little lip on the seat that’s supposed to stop him from spraying everywhere and that was really making him nervous.  He looked down and started to cry.  So we got up and when we were pulling up his unders he said he needed a “fresh diaper” and that he was done with  the “big boy potty”.

That was last week and I’ve had no improvements since!  I don’t “need” him to be potty trained right now, but I would like him to start preschool in the fall and he will need to be potty trained by then.  I need your help!

Do you have any tips or tricks?  I’ve had book recommendations, and I’ve purchased them and am going to start reading them.  Did anybody else have these kinds of troubles?  Amy I just pushing the issue and need to stop.  Help!

Sincerely yours,

Desperate in Diapers


9 thoughts on “Potty training help….

  1. Oh I can’t wait to see what everyone says. I too could use a little assistance in this area. Caleb’s been going numero uno in the potty for awhile now, but he refuses to do the other. Anyone know how to get a kiddo to do that? Poopie pants are not the business…

  2. My son, Landen, had a potty much like this and was very hesitant also! What worked for us, was just letting him wear his undies and waiting for him to realize the outcome: if you pee in undies they get wet and you do too! I would ask him every 20-30 minutes of he had to go, and just watch how often he drank to give me a heads up. I also downloaded the pull ups potty training app. They get a star every time they go and they get to exchange them for games. Good luck!!

  3. Sophie would go #1 but not #2 also… it just took time for her to be comfortable unfortunately. Mila was able to use the potty at an early age (about 18 months). We even got cocky and took her out with us to lunch with no diaper on at that young age! But just because she knew when she had to pee and knew how to use the potty, didn’t mean anything because she had no interest in being potty trained until about a year later. She liked diapers so much, that I eventually just bought pull-ups and she changed her own diapers (pee only of course)! She was also afraid of the potty because of that lip in front, so I bought one of those puffy seats that goes on top of the toilet and she liked that, but I had to lift her on there every time. We kept trying and there would be a little progress and then she would just regress again… One day she decided she wanted to be like her big sister and wear underpants and start using the potty and that was that. By then she wasn’t afraid of the lip any more and she was potty trained virtually over night – #1 and #2! I am a big believer in no pressure and wait until they are ready… all the bribery in the world won’t get them to go if they are not mentally ready. Sorry, I know this is not really helpful! Good luck and keep trying. There is still lots of time until preschool (but I feel for your purse strings 🙂

    • Wow! I impressed! Your girls are very determined once they set their mind to something! Awesome! You bring up a good point about a seat to put on the toilet. Maybe I just need to experiment with a few things until I figure out what will make him more comfortable about the situation!

  4. The magic M&M dispenser. It worked to get my then 3 yr 2.5 month old potty trained 2 weeks before preschool started. I let a friend borrow it and it helped her 3 year old boy finally get potty trained. I think boys are tactile creatures and the simple act of turning the crank on the m&m dispenser does something. Target probably has Valentines M&M dispensers in the seasonal department right now.

    Another thing that helped us is by putting the potty in the living room where he’d see it. Having it in the bathroom was too out of sight and out of mind for him to take a time out from playing. At least by having it in the living room he could still see that his train table wasn’t going anywhere!

    Hope this helps! Good luck!

  5. I have to agree with the person who gave you the advice about, when they are ready they are ready and you just have to wait for that. Some other great advice I received from my Mom, which I think of whenever I’m going through a kiddo trial like this is, that they all leave for college (insert trial here) in this case potty trained 🙂

    That said, maybe some encouragement about needing to use the potty to go to school, if you think that is something that excites him.

    Also, I’d say think about what gets him motivated to do other tasks. My oldest would do just about anything to watch a show on TV, while the younger one just didn’t care. In fact, my younger one has an issue giving up control of his life so potty training was much tougher for him. After a few breaks (which I say don’t shy away from) we went to, “Wow, that was you last pull-up so if you pee in your unders, too bad and you change them and clean up.” Just have to make sure they ARE capable.

    Something I use from Love and Logic is to ask them for a solution, you’d be surprised.

    My last thought echoes Katy again, we had rules in our house about using the restroom when you wake up, before you go to sleep, before and after eating, before you leave the house, etc. This way, they are going several times a day and everyone goes and it is just what you do.

    Don’t worry, he will get it. You’ll just have to experiment to find what works. Why we love them, they are all different.


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