Meet Danica

Today I have a fabulous mom for you to meet.  This beautiful mom is named Danica and she is fabulous.  She loves her family and she loves to cut loose.  She’s one the nicest people you could ever meet, and she’s an amazing mom.  She’s always happy to help a friend in need and is a great hostess.  She always has an interesting story to tell you and rarely says no to anything.  My kinda girl!  She used to be a teacher, so she’s always helping us moms by giving us a “teacher perspective” when it comes to all our school and developmental questions.  Plus, she’s full of education activity ideas for the kiddos.  Love that!

Meet Danica

Hi Mamas. My name is Danica (yes, like the race car driver Danica Patrick and yes, I look like her). I get that all the time 🙂  I currently live in Folsom but was born and raised in Walnut Creek. I was raised in a strict, conservative household but my dad was a rap music producer……go figure. So needless to say, I had an interesting childhood! After 12 years of private school, I went to beautiful UC-Santa Barbara for college. I made so many wonderful memories there and still can’t believe I graduated in 4 years. Senior year, I began dating my future husband. I’ve actually known him since the 6th grade and our parents live directly across the street from each other. That’s right, he married the “girl next door.” After college, I became a teacher, got married, and moved to Folsom. I occasionally miss the bay but visit often since our parents are still neighbors. In 2008, I “retired” from teaching after having my first child. I now have 2 children, Kadin (5) and Brooke (2). They keep me very busy but I’m so lucky to be a stay-at-home mom.

Currently Coveting:


Honestly, the current answer is Movies! It’s award season and I’m all about seeing the movies that have been nominated. So anyone need a movie partner……call me!

I really love…

Bryan and Danica
My family! My husband is the greatest. He’s a hands-on dad and loves to cook! He won my heart through my stomach in college.
Brooke and Kadin
I really, really, really love my kids! They are the world to me. My favorite time of day is bedtime (after bath). My son opens up to me about his day and we get to have uninterrupted conversations, and my daughter showers me with hugs and kisses and makes me scratch her back. I always finish the bedtime routine with a big smile on my face.

Guilty Pleasure…

My microdermabrasion facials.  I get them about every 4 weeks at Studio 415 in Folsom by Dara.  She’s the best! This facial is much better than a regular facial because it takes off the top layers of skin, stimulates cell turnover, and gives me much smaller pores.

Fave beauty item:

Tri-Luma Cream. This is a prescription from the Dermatologist to even out skin tone. My pregnancies gave me hyperpigmentation (melasma) and I just couldn’t get rid of it. I tried everything, even Obagi, but it just didn’t clear all of it up. Once I began Tri-Luma, I noticed a difference right away and this was after using Obagi for months. It’s awesome!

Recent mommy moment…

Here’s the scene – Christmas Eve, just finished mass, and we’re in the back of the Church talking to old friends and their families. Most of the parishioners have left and the people are starting to arrive early for the next mass.
We’re all dressed up. I’m in very high heals and my daughter is in a bright red puffy dress. She’s getting bored when I see her turn and stare at the decorated alter. I know exactly what she’s thinking. She takes a quick glance at me then takes off down the aisle. She’s running full speed and I immediately chase her in my heals. She makes it to the alter and we’re running back and forth and I just can’t catch her. She’s so fast for a 2 year old!  I decide to take a break and look at the audience.  People are smiling and beginning to laugh, my mom looks horrified, and I’m comforted by the sympathetic looks other mom’s of young children are giving me. Brooke decides to take a break too in Father’s chair but quickly runs when I begin to chase her again. I’m now just hoping that she doesn’t trip on an electrical cord or knock over the very large Christmas tree or one of the many lit candles. Thankfully, she takes a nose dive. She’s unhurt and I manage to scoop her up and quickly walk down the aisle. It was the mommy version on the “walk of shame.” So embarrassing!!!
Brooke and Kadin 2
In Danica’s defense, I’ve seen that Brooke run.  She’s super fast!  Too funny!  Thanks for telling us all your secrets Danica!
Have a great weekend!



3 thoughts on “Meet Danica

  1. Great stories from Danica. I was glad to hear about the tru-luma. I’ve spent $500 on obagi and haven’t seen my hyper pigmentation improve to my level of expectation. I’m interested in hearing about if she combines it with anything else and frequency. Three pregnancies did me in with the same problem. Thanks for the recommendation Danica.

    • Tri-luma has a steroid so it shouldn’t be combined with other products. The steroid is also the reason it can only be perscribed once a year. You should try it. I guarantee you’ll love it!


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