That’s Pinteresting…..Roundup of wellness pins.

Hey mamas!

In honor of New Year new you, I’ve got some wellness themed pins for you today!

1-9-2014 2


Isn’t this the truth?!  I am one who dreads the actual getting to the gym.  But when I’m there I see my friends and we take a fun (and challenging) class or do a great workout together.  When I leave, I’m always happy I did it.  It’s the getting there that’s killing me!1-9-2014 1Chia Seeds 

We should all be adding this to our smoothies, soups, and oatmeals.  Here’s what nutrition coach Jill Grunewald has to say about it.

“The little seed that could has far-reaching health benefits: It’s rich in antioxidants, fiber, and Omega-3 fatty acids and also helps stabilize blood sugar and improve blood pressure.”

My brother mentioned this seed to me over Christmas break.  He runs tons of half marathons and he said he had heard this seed also packs a big boost in energy.  Sign me up!!

1-9-2014 6


V-ups.  Ugh, I used to have to do hundreds of these in my days as a gymnast.  I was ripped, but I was 12 … go figure.  Anyway, whenever I do them, I go back to that time.  Love the move because you can do it anytime, anywhere.  Try it!

1-9-2014 5


Here is a good treadmill workout for all the treadmill girls out there!  It’s a 30 minute routine.

1-9-2014 4


Stretching!!!  It’s so important and I am totally lame about it!  I have been back into the routine of going to my gym classes a few times a week and I am sore!  Stretching is something I am going to be adding into my routine.

1-9-2014 3

No source found.

Anybody training for a half?  I am!  I’m going to so the Shamrock’n Half in Sacramento in March.  I found this pin – it’s a pic from Self Magazine – but it didn’t link up.  I’m sure you can find it on their website.  People like a map, and this is a good one.  It’s pretty similar to what I did to train for my first half marathon.  I ran 5-7 miles 3 times a week with some gym classes added in.  On the weekends I added in a long run.  For example I started doing 5 mile runs 3 times a week and one 7 mile run on the weekend.  I did that for two weeks then bumped up my weekend rum to 8 for two weeks then 9 and so on.  When the 5 mile weekly runs felt good I bumped them up to 7.  I am not a personal trainer and have no official training in fitness.  This is just what I did.  If you are planning to run a race of any length contact your doctor first.  Hope this helps you achieve your goal!

Have a well day!



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