Meet Megan


Megan is a long-legged beauty with an amazing sense of humor, an enviable lust for life, and a fabulous fashion eye.  I’ve known this gorgeous girl since we were 14.  That’s way back when we both had our natural hair color!  It was high school and she always found a way to make our school dress code look cool.  Maybe it was those gams, but khaki never looked so good.  Back then, I could tell her all my secrets and she never judged.  That still remains the same today.  She was my partner in crime through many sleep overs when we were trying to avoid the “Pocket Patrol” (private neighborhood security – get your mind out of the gutter) because we had just toilet papered some houses.  I’ll never forget the crazy days of Cancun, visiting her at UCSB, her visiting me at SMC, and the excitement I felt when we both ended up back in Sacramento together.  Never a boring moment with this one.  It’s all fun and laughter all the time.  11 years ago she and her hubby introduced me to a handsome guy named Nick.  Three years after that I married him.  Now she’s a successful career woman and an excellent mom.  Obvi these two will always hold a special place in my heart.  Let me introduce you to my dear friend….

Meet Megan


Hello, Hello, Hello! So excited to be here today with all of you fabulous ladies!  I’m Megan, and I live in Rocklin with my adorable 2 ½ year old son Caleb and my handsome hubby of six years, Chris.

Chris grew up on the mean streets of Folsom and I grew up in Sacramento.  I’m still not exactly sure how we ended up in Rocklin, but we did and we couldn’t be happier. Love this place! You know what I don’t love though, driving to Sacramento for work every day, boo! Yes, I am a full time working mama. I am an Administrative Manager for the Orthotics Department at Shriners Hospitals for Children. It is such a wonderful organization to be a part of. I am humbled everyday by my surroundings.  It’s kinda like watching one of those feel good movies on Lifetime, but in real life. It’s Great!



On the weekends when I’m not working I’m a bit of a homebody. I really LOVE some good QT with my little family. I also love the beach, sunshine, a good foot massage, cooking, a clean house, and when my son calls me “Mamasita”!

Currently Coveting:

LULU Collage

Speed Tight Brushed Interlock $98

Ok, so I know I’m a little late to the game on this one but after a LONG discussion with my brother (yes I said brother) and sis in-law, I can honestly say that I want me some Lululemon Speed Tights.  We were having this discussion on Christmas, because I had just acquired some new running pants for Christmas as did my brother. Mine, were Champion from Target. My brothers were Lululemon, seriously?!?  My brother is rockin’ Lulus?! I was intrigued. They proceeded to ask me what I liked and didn’t like about my current running pants.  My BIGGEST annoyance with all of the current pants that I have is that they literally fall down when I run. I spend the majority of my run pulling up my pants and worrying if the guy or gal behind me on the treadmill thinks I’m some kind of weirdo.  So my sis-in law SWEARS that this is not the case with Lulus. Serioulsy though, even if they fall down like ½ as much as they do now, I will still be in a way better boat. I’m sold.

Hunter boots

Hunter Tour Packable Rain Boot $140

Also, if we could get some rain up here in Northern California I would be able to justify the purchase of these Hunter Boots, in Navy. So stinkin’ CUTE!

I really love…


Express Studded side zip booties $41.94

These are my go to shoe at the moment. I just love them! They can be dressed up with some leather leggings or a cute dress, or they can super casual with skinnies and an over -sized sweater.  They are adorable, with just the right amount of heel height (for me). They are also super comfy, I can go all day at work and be good.  Added bonus…. I always get compliments when I wear them, and who doesn’t love a good compliment??

Guilty Pleasure…


This may sound weird but, it’s the gym. Everyone loves, or should love, a good sweat sesh at the gym, Right? Well, I do!  It’s just that after working 8 hours and commuting an hour it really is hard for me to justify not heading straight home after work to spend as much time with my little man as possible.  It’s something that I struggle with all the time. I know that going to the gym actually makes me a BETTER mommy, but it feels so wrong when I’m on my way. Afterwards, however, is a whole different story.  I feel energized, happy, strong, sexy (did I say that) and like I can conquer the world, lol.

Fave beauty item:

benefit hoola

benefit Hoola bronzing powder $28

Good Old Benefit Hoola box-o-powder.  Yes, I realize that this has been around FOR-EV-ER! Like forever, I’m pretty sure that I used this in college and possibly even high school. But as the saying goes, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.  Everyone looks better with a little glow, and since us young ladies are attempting to age gracefully and taking necessary precautions to protect our skin, these days I’m all about a little “faux glow”. Ya know, a tan without  the tanning bed. At one time I was a serious tanning addict, like I tried to think of ways to trick the staff into being able to tan multiple times in day. Gross, right? Once I turned 30 and got pregnant with Caleb, I vowed not to rest my head in another tanning bed ever again. I’m happy to report that I have kept my word, what I’m not happy about is my pale bod… Anyway, when I need a little extra color, I can always count on the Hoola Box from Benefit to do the trick.

Recent mommy moment…


Sometimes, being a working mom, I have to hear about all the adorable, hilarious, or inappropriate things that my child does from other people.  This is one of those times….. So my Mom was watching Caleb last weekend and he ended up staying the night at her house. The following morning we all had plans to meet up for breakfast, so my Mom called and asked if I wanted Caleb to shower, and if so, would I mind if he showered with her. Of course I didn’t mind. That’s one less shower I have to take with a two year old. Love the little guy, but you moms know how it is trying to wash your face or shave your legs while a two year old is crying because he “got water in his eye”.  Ok, so back to the story. My Mom is taking a shower with Caleb.  As she was washing her face and most likely had mascara or something running down her face, he decides it’s a good time to tell her that she “looks ugly”. What a jerk, right? Then as they were drying off and getting out of the shower he also decided to let her know that she “has a big butt”. WHAT?!? Who is that kid? Good thing my Mom has a good sense of humor because I’m pretty sure I would have been in tears.  The bright side of this story is that after all that he told her “it’s ok Gramma, I still love you”.


What a peach right? So after hearing the story and informing Caleb that those were not nice words and that he hurt Gramma’s feelings, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit of relief… At least he hasn’t said any of those things to me yet… PHEW! I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.


Hilarious!  And what an adorable little man!  Those booties are adorable!!  And I think I need some Speed Tights too.  Special thanks to Megan for taking time to share all her secrets with us!

Have a great weekend!




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