That’s Pinteresting – New Year New You


If you’re like me, you took full advantage of yesterday to procrastinate another day before you changed your habits.  It’s true, I did.  I had champagne at a birthday party and a quesadilla later the same day.  I’ll spare you all the other terrible things I ate.  Let’s just say none of what I consumed had much in the way of nutritional benefits.  Since I need to re-train my taste buds and my brain, I thought I would share some pins with you that are in the same spirit.

They are from my two favorite celeb docs Dr. Oz and Dr. Perricone.   (Travis Stork is the third, but only because he’s dreamy.)


Above pins from Dr. Oz

I am a firm believer in eating for a reason, (although sometimes I eat because of stress, real bad habit.  I’m trying desperately to change) the best reason I can think of is to feel good and look good.  And to improve my SKIN!  I feel better when I’m eating lots and lots of greens.  I actually prefer to start each day with green juice.  (Romaine, celery, kale, and lemon in the juicer.)  But cleaning the juicer is annoying to do on a daily basis, so sometimes I’ll stop at Whole Foods and buy one that they press there.  You can’t let fresh pressed veg juice sit longer than 20 minutes because the enzymes will break down.  And you really want those enzymes!

Not everyone can stomach that much green in their juice.  If that’s you, start with the Dr. Oz 3 day detox above.  It’s got veggies galore but it also has fruit to temper the green taste.  I’ve done that several times and the smoothies are easy and you make them in a blender, no special equipment needed!  Plus, flax oil is like lotion to the skin.  It really helps to get that glow!





Dr. Perricone is all about eating for good skin.  My kinda diet!  The first pin has his rules to good skin throughout the year.  I love a concise plan!  The second pin links to an article on Elle specifically showing the foods you should eat to glow inside and out.  Love that!

Today’s change-up is to go back to consuming a gallon of lemon water.  I was so good at doing this for a while, and then I fell off the wagon.  Each night I get out my gallon size pitcher (bought at target for $5 and I put a sticker on the halfway mark so I know when I need to start guzzling) and put the juice of one lemon into it.  Then fill it up with water.  Pop that in the fridge to chill overnight.  The next day I fill my water bottle and water glass from that pitcher.  My goal is to finish it by that night.  The first few days are always hard to remember, but after that the habit is set.  Being hydrated feels way better than not.  Yay!  Will you do this too?  If we do this together we will succeed!

Just so you know, I’m not advocating anything other than eating healthy foods to help your skin look good and your body feel great!  I have done an extreme cleanse in the past and I DO NOT recommend you do that, especially if you are exercising too.  If you choose to do any of these diet change-ups, check with your doctor first to make sure it’s the right choice for you!

Cheers (with my green juice) to skin so good we’re no longer searching for that perfect foundation!



4 thoughts on “That’s Pinteresting – New Year New You

  1. Sweet! Chris and I actaully got a juicer for Christmas so we’re trying to be all about it. The whole cleaning it thing, is super annoying your’re right. But also so worth it when you think about all those veggies you just chugged down! Happy New Year! XO

  2. I definitely would like to wear less make-up during the day which is why I am so excited about the Clarisonic i received for Christmas! I would like to believe I already see results so if nothing else I am psyching myself into feeling more confident with my face sans make-up.

    • You could totally go sans make-up! I just love the Clarisonic. It definitely makes my face feel smoother and look brighter. Plus, I really like the super clean feeling I have after using it.


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