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Calm down ladies, he’s taken!

Happy New Year!  Sorry this post is so late today, my sequin pants and I had a grand old time last night.  Such a good time that I was very very tired this am….

So, in the spirit of new year, new you (don’t really change though, I like you just the way you are) I have a fabulous workout you can do at home while the kiddos are napping or at the gym, wherever really.

I live with a Cross Fit coach!  My handsome hubby.  Here’s a post just for you by my hubster with some cool moves you can do at home to help get you in shape to run that half marathon or just to wear that super hot mini skirt!  I just LOVE this guy!


Hello Ladies (and occasional guy(s)),

I’m the other half  of Mama Momtaurage, Nick.  I have a 9-5 but I do coach CrossFit at Folsom City CrossFit ( as well.  In the midst of my own quest to be as fit as I can be, I have found a very gratifying experiencing coaching others and sharing in their accomplishments.

Cross fit 1

Todays workout is what we call a Countdown. 10! – 10 reps, 9 reps, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.  You will be asked to complete the total number of reps as fast as YOU can.  Everyone’s times will vary based on fitness level.  The structure and intensity of the workout are symbolic of crossfit but please do not be intimidated.

The workout will consist of 3 movements – mountain climbers, jumping air squats, and sit-ups.  Based on the above explained structure you will complete 10 of each movement, then 9 of each movement and so on.

Movement #1: Mountain Climbers



These are a great core strengthening exercise that contain an aerobic component due to there rapid pace.  From a plank position you will step one leg towards your chest bringing your knee near your elbow on the same side (as if you were climbing a mountain) and alternate until you have completed the number of repetitions.  Its important to open your hips and try to bring your knee towards your elbow.  If you keep your leg more towards your chest, your range of motion will be less and you may get fatigue in your quadriceps.

Movement #2: Jumping Air Squats


These are fairly self-explanatory but do not worry we are not looking for a high hop.  For this movement, you will be asked to perform an air squat with a small lift off the ground after your hips extend at the top.  Lets first review proper squat technique.

First, stand in a hip-width or shoulder-width stance with your weight on your heels. Next, shift your hips back to engage your posterior chain (glutes, hamstrings, and spinal erectors – the small muscles in your lumbar).  Your now ready to descend in the squat.  When you descend concentrate on dropping your rear back and down.

IMPORTANT: Concentrate on driving your knees out over your toes.  This helps engage our hip flexors.  Parallel legs during squatting is no-no.  It limits your range of motion and engages your quadriceps which are not nearly as strong as your rump or your hamstrings.

Descend to below 90 degrees (from a side profile your hip crease is below the top of your knee) if possible.  When you ascend drive off your heels straight up.  As you fully extend your hips to your initial stance you will lift off the ground hopping as high or as low as you prefer.

Movement #3: Sit-ups (Crossfit style)



In CF we perform anchored sit-ups by butterflying our legs.  We do this because it disengages our hip flexors – the muscles that control the opening and closing of our hips.  This style of sit-ups makes it so that your abdominal muscles are doing the majority of the work.  Most people don’t know that we have muscle groups that run from our lower stomach down our hips to our thighs and from our lumbar to our hamstrings that help us sit up.   By butterflying our legs we don’t allow those muscle groups to assist our abdominals.

When you perform your sit-ups you will start from the position demonstrated by Amanda below in the picture.  You will then recline back to the ground touching the ground behind our head then return up touching the ground in front of your feet.  If these are too difficult for you to perform don’t fret, just extend your legs and do straight legs sit-ups.  This will give you the assistance of those muscles discussed in the paragraph above and also give you added assistance from the off-setting weight of your legs.

This will be a short, intense work out that will be a great start to your New Year’s resolution to feel better and look better.

Thanks babe!  I hope you enjoyed this! You can check out his last Workout Wednesday post here.




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