Streamline your morning routine

Hey mamas!

After my post yesterday, I did some serious thinking about exactly how to tackle this morning re-do.  So, this Tipsy Tuesday is dedicated to helping you (and me) make our mornings enjoyable rather than rushed and stressful.  [Spoiler: The things I am listing below I DO actually do.  But only on my best day.  My goal is to try to make each day my best day.  Instead of running around yelling at the children to “eat eat eat!”, forgetting stuff, and being a real bitch (sorry….but it’s an accurate description.) in the morning.]

Get up earlier

I know, I know it’s not fun.  But I swear it will work!  I plan to get up 45 minutes earlier than my kiddos.  For me, that means 6:00am because I need to be out the door by 8am with my kiddos in tow.  In those 45 minutes I can make my tea, wash my face, check my emails, check my Cozi calendar, send out my post for the day, and prep the kids meals.  Honestly the quiet is priceless.

Prep the night before

If your family likes cereal, prep that the night before so it has the right serving size you prefer.  I prep my son’s scrambled eggs the night before.  Prep your clothes and your kids clothes the night before.  My daughter has to take a snack to school daily.  I pack it (or have her do it) the night before and place it in the refrigerator.  My son is a snack machine and still in diapers, so I pack my purse with all the necessities he needs the night before.

Older kids need to help out

Make the breakfast foods available to them, meaning at their level.  If they eat cereal with milk put the bowls, spoons, placemats, cereal, and milk low so they can get it themselves.  My daughter likes a cinnamon raisin bagel toasted with cream cheese while my son likes toast with a piece of cheese on top and two scrambled eggs on top of that.  I wake Lyla up at 6:45.  She knows her jobs.  She goes and puts out the placemats on the table and then puts her bagel in the toaster followed by her brothers bread.


Then she spreads her own cream cheese.


I will cut her bagel for her (each side has to be cut into four pieces) then she will deliver them to the table.  The she comes back and gets her brother’s toast out and places the slice of cheese on it for me.  Meanwhile, I’m pouring them juice and getting Brady’s eggs (prepped the night before) into the microwave.  Yes, I nuke them.  I pop em (with a microwave shield) into the microwave for one minute, stir them up, then back in for another minute.  Then on top of the eggs they go.

By this time Lou is sitting down to her breakfast.  I go in and get Brady up and he starts his breakfast.  “Cheesy eggies mom!  Thanks mom!”.  Every morning, God bless him.  He’s in the throws of the terrible twos, so I take the niceties where I can get them!

Set an alarm

Set your kitchen timer or phone to go off five minutes before you have to leave.  This will help everyone in the house know they have to move when that alarm sounds.


OK, these are the things I do (and really try to do!!) to make my mornings less crazy.  What do you do???



PS – I have a super helpful hands-on hubby.  The trouble is that he coaches the 6am crossfit class twice a week or he’s taking the 6am crossfit class.  So he’s just not around until 7:30 at the earliest and we have to be out the door by 8am.  When he’s here he’s helping the best he can, but he also has to take a shower and get himself to work.


2 thoughts on “Streamline your morning routine

  1. Great ideas. I especially like the alarm. My best tip is along the lines of night-time food prep: I make pancakes, French toast and waffles in advance and then freeze them. In the morning I pop them in the toaster and they are ready in seconds. I also have a great baked oatmeal recipe I make at night and reheat for myself, along with the ingredients for my latte pre-measured the night before. Someday I may rise before my kids and then our mornings will be bliss.


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