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I had the privilege of writing a guest post for FIT4MOM blog.  Their motto is “Helping YOU to make strides in fitness, motherhood, and life! ®”  Check them out here and follow on Facebook!

Here’s my guest post.FIT4MOM

Adorable Idea: Use Holiday Cards Year Round!

December 31, 2013FIT4MOM

**Happy NYE Moms!!! Before you tear down all of your holiday decor, take a moment to read this guest post from lovely mama Amanda Rinehart the creator of Mama Momtourage. This idea was too cute not to share!**

Holiday cards…love them or hate them they’re a huge part of our world this time of year. I most definitely have a love/hate relationship with them. I work so hard to schedule the photographer to take the pictures, then fret over what we will all wear, then the waiting… When the pictures from the photographer finally come in I have to scour the internet for the best card/best deal combo. I, personally, have to send out a hundred cards annually, so it’s important that I get it down to a manageable cost. After I order them and get the wording and spelling just right, I have to wait for them to arrive. Meanwhile, us moms have to check and double check our list of addresses. Did anyone move? How did I lose that family’s address? Then, when they arrive, you have to stuff, seal, and address them. And, finally, take them to the Post Office and send them on their merry way. Such a huge hassle….

Last year we bought a deal for holiday cards on a group coupon site for a card site we’ve never used before. It was a smokin’ deal and the cards were totally adorable. So we went for it. They were to arrive by Dec. 10th. Christmas came and went and our cards were still not here. They arrived on January 15th. They were fabulous. So, I saved them and sent out two cards this year! I just couldn’t waste them!

For as much as a hassle they are, I truly love receiving them. I really do! Heading to the mailbox during the holiday season is such a joy. Opening envelopes to see lovely smiling faces looking back at me truly makes my day! I hang them proudly throughout the season. And when the season is over, I just can’t bring myself to throw them away.

So…what do I do? I capture those fabulous pictures all year long by making the picture on their holiday card their contact image on my phone. It’s simple and a great way to preserve those fabulous cards long after you’ve recycled them.


Above is our family’s holiday card. I’m going to make this my husband’s contact image. First thing you do is go into your contacts on your phone (I have an IPhone), choose the contact you would like to assign the card to. In the top right corner, click the “Edit” button. You’ll see the word “edit” appear where the contact’s image is. Click on that.


Then click “Take Photo”. Take a picture of the card you want to assign to this person.That’s all it takes! Now when they call you, you will see those faces looking back at you.


Doesn’t that beat a blank screen!





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  1. Hi Amanda, Great to see you today! I wanted to share with you one of my favorite blogs. I heart organizing. Just thought you might be interested since I know you love blogs. Me too!!! 😉 Take care! Monica

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