Inspiring Monday


Happy Monday mamas!

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve.  I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what “voice” I will give to the year 2014.  I do one resolution, for posterity really.  There are some annoying habits I have that I’d like to do away with (too many to list really), so I like to choose one to work on in the new year.  This year I think I’m going to work on lowering my stress in the morning.  I just think that the morning routine can be tough and when time runs short, I loose my marbles.  So, I am going to work on a plan to help things run more smoothly.  I’ll keep you posted…

Other than that, I really like to set goals for the New Year.  I’m still working out the specifics of these goals.  I do three goals and usually they are all about self improvement/empowerment in these areas:

-physical improvement (diet and exercise)

-mental improvement (read more, learn a new skill, etc)

-personal style (hair, make-up, clothes, accessories, the petty stuff that does wonders for your self-esteem even though self-esteem comes from the inside…..sometimes self-esteem comes from a fab pair of jeans.  Is it just me???)

-interpersonal improvement (be a better wife, mom, daughter, friend, a nicer person)

-professional improvement (learn how to do knew things with my blog, be a better blogger, etc.).

Once I set these goals, I map out steps to take to achieve them.  Last year one of my physical improvement goals was to run more.  I accomplished that by doing two half marathons and I just signed up for another one yesterday.  It really does feel good to look back at my year and remember what my goals were (unlike my resolutions of the past) and that I actually achieved them!  Another goal of mine was to start a blog.  To be fair, I’ve set that goal for like the last four years and failed each year.  I just never knew how to start.  But this year I took the leap.  I’m so glad I did!  It’s been such an enriching experience.

Do you do resolutions?  Do you do goals?  What are they?  Do you remember last years?  Did you accomplish what you set out to accomplish??

I want to hear from you!



FYI – Next week I will will be back to doing “What’s Happening This Week”.



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