Christmas Birthdays and Good Day Sacramento


Did you know that my daughter has a December birthday?  Well, she does.  She turns the big 5 on Saturday.  She was due on Christmas, so I was very thankful that she was a few days late.  But it’s still difficult to ensure that the line between Christmas and her big day is not blurred.  First, if she’s going to have a birthday party (with friends, there’s always a family bday celebration) it doesn’t happen until the end of January.  That way there is a gap (a short one) between receiving gifts and it lets people rest from the holidays.  Second, I take down almost all Christmas decorations the day (in this case two days) after Christmas.  Christmas is over people!!  It’s all about Lyla now!  Third, I have a few birthday decorations I put up to make her feel extra special.  Fourth, I always put balloons over the birthday kid’s door after they go to bed on the night before their big day. (Pics and tutorials tomorrow!)

When Julissa from Good Day was here last time, we talked about this conundrum.  So she emailed me and asked if I would be on tomorrow’s program.  I will be taking down my decor and sharing a few tips and tricks along the way.  I will be on during the 7-9am hours.  If you’re local, DVR it!  If not, you can go to their website where they stream the show live.  And, as before, I will post a link to the video here.

Since my decor is going away until next year, here’s a little look at what our home looks like around the holidays.


Beautiful oversized poinsettia, a gilded deer head, and an angel all lit up in our hall.


A gift and a cheeky sign adorns the kitchen.


The sofa table includes Frosty’s hat, a vintage cathedral, colorful vintage christmas lights, vintage sheet music, and a large cross on top of a bible as a reminder of what the holiday is all about.


My kids nicknamed all squirrels and chipmunks “Chubby” due to their cheeks.  So we had to get a winter Chubby.  That’s a vintage silver bowl filled with vintage bells, new bells from the Polar Express, and mini pine cones from our front yard.


I love my vintage sled!  All dolled up with a glittery burlap bow, greenery swag, and an ornament.


Another look at my vintage cathedral.


Ms. Lyla adding one last ornament to the tree.


Our tree and mantle.


A better look at the mantle.  It has a vintage scale with a large ceramic deer head on top, a lovely winter print, stocking holders with candles in mini mason jars below, greenery and some antlers behind, and a hanging pendant lantern repurposed to a statue.


Next year I’m thinking that  may need a kitchen tree.  You know, a small tree decorated with mini kitchen items.  Also thinking that the tree in my son’s room needs some baseball decor.  And, lastly, I am definitely getting a vintage horn or two!

So…tune in to Good Day Sacramento tomorrow and see me packing it up and getting ready to celebrate Lyla’s big day!  I’ll be on during the 7-9 hours.  Tomorrow I’ll post the video and recap the tips I share!




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