Inspiring Monday – SNOW HAPPY!


the struggle

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Today I am coming to you from beautiful Lake Tahoe California.  There’s not a ton of snow, but there’s plenty to make snowmen and snow angels and go sledding.  It’s a great time with family and fun.  Snow happy!!!

xmas in tahoeUntil…one of your kids throws up in a room she’s sharing with other kids.  And then throws up all night long, and the next day.  Poor baby.  This will be a story to tell!  But right now, I just feel so bad for her.  And I worry about who will get it next….she’s quarantined away from the rest of the family but that doesn’t always mean the germs are staying with her.

Anyway, I’m sure she’ll get well soon.  The moral of the story is that whatever you may or may not be going through, understand that the struggle is just a part of the journey.  The holidays are a hard time for many people.  It’s up to us to try to find happiness along the way.


Yesterday, that happiness came from these adorable little elf slippers… And time with family members.



2 thoughts on “Inspiring Monday – SNOW HAPPY!

  1. Oh no! Sick right before Christmas 😦 This happened to me once. I had to get a shot to stop vomiting the day before I had to fly out to England. I barely ate for 3 days and then woke up on Christmas Day feeling great and ate a huge plate of food. Hope she rallies for Christmas Day too!


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