I’m on TV today!

Hey mamas!

It’s true.  Today I will be appearing on a local morning show called Good Day Sacramento.  A couple of moms from my momtourage and I will be on with me from 6-8am.  Super fun!  If you’re in the Sacramento area it’s channel 31.  If you’re out of the area, I’ll see if I can get some video to post.

I will be talking about (and we will be demonstrating) these two crafts.  One is for us adults to make and one is for the kiddos.  For the adults it’s a Cork Christmas tree.  All you need is corks, hot glue, and a cute topper.  I lined them up with the red side out (I drink mostly red wine) and glue them together.  I did six corks across at my widest point.  Then I continued to add the layers until there was just one.  For the stump, I just put four together and glued them to the tree.  Finally I popped this cute little pom pom at the top.  I really enjoy writing the occasion on the cork of the wine I drink.  My birthday, Mother’s Day, Tuesday whatever occasion you want to commemorate.  When I came across these corks I put them on the end so I could see the occasions.


Cork Christmas Tree

For the snowman you need: paper, glue, white paint, pretzel sticks, marshmallows, snowman hat.  Just trace three circles then glue the marshmallows on.  I also used the marshmallows to make the snow too.  Just dipped in the paint and dabbed!  So fun, even my two year old can so it!


Marshmallow Snowman

Have a great day!





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