Christmas Tips and Tricks: Portable North Pole


This is a pretty believable Santa…don’t you think??

OK, you know how much I love to blow tiny minds over here.  Well, let me introduce you to something called Portable North Pole.  It’s a free service that emails your child a personalized video of Santa.  We have done it every year for our kids.  Our two year old received his last night.  He loved it!!!

All you do is add some personal info about the kind of year your child had, upload some photos, add some more info about what they want for Christmas, and voila!  Magic!

PNP 2He also takes you out to see his reindeers.  The kids love this part!!


You also get to see his special library to find your child’s book.  You can name the kids books around you.  Our kids were together and their friends were next to them too.


Santa watches a short video about the child’s year.  This includes vacation shots, pictures of what your child loves the most, the thing they tried to work their hardest on, (Lou was school and B was please and thank you) and then Santa tells them that he knows there’s a special gift they would love to have and you include a photo.


I will warn you, they do have some creepy (in my opinion elves).  Sorry, I’m really not into elves..

Then they decide if your child is on the naughty or nice list.  There’s a real buildup of anticipation.  Hopefully your little darling made the cut.


If they did, they get this certificate!


Then they set off fireworks to commemorate the moments occasion!

All in all, it’s pretty cool!  There are tons of other things you can do on their website like a letter from santa, additional videos, calls, and certificates.  These all cost something, but the video is free.  One warning, if you have multiple children, I advise against letting them watch each others.  Even though PNP changes things when you say you have more than one child, there are many many similarities.  So, to keep the magic alive, have them view separately.  Check it out at Portable North Pole.  You should also like their Facebook page and follow them on Pinterest.





2 thoughts on “Christmas Tips and Tricks: Portable North Pole

  1. Literally, I just did this and it took like five minutes! Plus it is super awesome, I almost teared up a little bit. Thanks Amanda! Xo


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