Meet Cara

Today I have a fabulous mama for you all to meet!  Her name is Cara and though I’ve never actually met her, I feel like I’ve totally known her for years!

Cara Crock 1


She’s always quick to offer help,  either with her genius ideas or with her quick wit.  She dislikes burlap and birds and loves crockpot lasagna.  You may remember her from this post where she shared her Crockpot Lasagna recipe.  Let me tell you, her argyle detailing with the string cheese was so fabulous that this recipe has been re-pinned on Pinterest over 35 times!

Meet Cara

cara and jerry


Hi mamas, I’m Cara. I live in Newport Beach, California with my inspirational husband of 11 years Jerry, and our two kids, daughter Maya (4) and son Jack (1 1/2) along with our aging and grumpy but still beautiful dog Raj (14).


I used to have a legit career in real estate acquisitions and development, but nowadays I officially am a stay-at-home mom. On the side, I still do a little bit of real estate consulting and run the back office of my husband’s adolescent psychology practice (go like his page at No, seriously. Go on and do it.). But mostly I’m a semi-exhausted preschool room mom who really enjoys a great workout and a nice vodka cocktail.

Currently Coveting:

chloe bag

‘Paraty – Large’ Calfskin Leather Satchel $2,075

So I have this problem. I love handbags. In the same way that some people get a high off of new shoes (or illicit drugs perhaps), that’s purses for me. Anyhow, the fact of the matter is that Mama hasn’t had a good fix in awhile. All this buying of diapers and wipes and food for my family has really cut into my handbag budget.

So, on the top of my mental short list of things I need (as well as posted somewhere on my husband’s probably-won’t-happen list) is a fabulous Chloe Paraty Shoulder Bag. Probably in tan. Or pink. Or grey. Or white. Or black. Boom. Done and done. Wasn’t that easy?

I really love…


Wunder Under Crop $72

Lululemon Wunder Under Crops. I work out most days. I like pants that lift my ass up a skosh and don’t swoosh too loudly as my thighs rub together. These fit the bill. They come with a 5 year warranty and though pricey, they do wash well.  So, on a cost per wear basis, it all works out. And I love them. (Disclaimer: These are only terrific as long as you don’t buy that bad batch of see-through ones like the poor lady next to me at pilates last week. Whoopsie.)

Guilty Pleasure…

Kate Casey

love and knuckles


Is this a trick question? You mean other than 9-11 hours of uninterrupted sleep?

Um…other than indulging in a professional blow dry once in awhile, I would have to say my regular guilty pleasure is my dear friend Kate’s Love and Knuckles blog and facebook page. Key celebrity gossip, great commentary, and it eliminates any other “need” to actually read a tabloid.

Fave beauty item:


PrecisionMD Vivatia Advanced Skincare System with Retinol $148.50

Tie between Precision MD’s Vivatia Skincare set and Lancome Teint Visionnaire Foundation.  I am openly jealous of those girls with beautiful skin. No lines, no sun spots, no makeup. Clearly they have a deal with the devil. In pursuit of knocking off their flawlessness, I invested in a VI Peel (so amazing) and afterwards followed it up with this daily use Precision MD line of foaming Retinol and Hydroquinone. Um…just try it, mamas.


Lanocome Teint Visionnaire Skin Correcting Makeup Duo $54

Along those same skin care lines, when the Sephora girl recommended this Lancome product I almost spit my latte on her. Lady please, Lancome is for my mom. Until I put it on. Lightweight, smooth, and dare I say even a bit radiant? Even my husband commented on my skin when I first wore it (what the what?!?). Highly recommend this little bottle of love. As it turns out, you can wear Lancome without actually turning into your mother. I’m still holding off on a visit to the Estee Lauder counter though. I mean, a girl has to draw the line somewhere.

Recent mommy moment…

fam 1

As is the case with most young boys, my 1 1/2 year old son has a fascination with his private parts. It’s like every time I change his diaper he grabs himself just to prove that it’s all still attached and in tact. At any rate, this bothers my 4 year old daughter, who already wants to be a doctor and is specific about body parts and their function. (She will gladly tell you that babies grow inside a uterus, not a tummy.)

Not long ago, my kids were taking a bath together. It was going fine. And as per usual, the baby was triple checking on his peen in the tub when my daughter lost it. Sternly, she says, “Jack! That is a penis, not a play-nis. It’s for peeing. Not playing. Can you say peeeeeee-nis? For peeeeeeing. Only. OK? Got it?”

End scene.

How can you not love her!  Thanks so much Cara for sharing with us today!

Have a great weekend!



3 thoughts on “Meet Cara

  1. I love this girl and that Chloe bag. Thanks for growing my “girl can dream” list. Also, you should all want a friend like C. She’s really funny.


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