That’s Pineresting: Holiday Entertaining


12-12 1


What a cute way to display your champagne cocktails!  I have those little vases, they are from Ikea!

12-12 2


This movie never ever gets old to me.  I’ve already watched it twice this season.  It’s hilarious!  If you’re feeling adventurous, this drinking game looks pretty fun!  Moms beware…not sure you’re going to be 100% the next morning.

12-12 3


Such a sweet way to spread cheer throughout your neighborhood!

12-12 4

No source found.

Seriously, can I wear this to the Momtourage GIVE Event?  I kid, I kid.  I’ll be wearing a fabulous sequin number!

12-12 6


I just love this, so pretty!

12-12 7


Absolutely genius.  Where’s an ugly sweater party when I need one??

12-12 8

No source found.


12-12 9


So, there’s this birthday card that I used to buy for everyone’s birthday for about four years straight.  It was a card shaped like a paper pickle.  When you open it, it says, “I bet you didn’t think you were going to get a paper pickle for your birthday!”.  I used to laugh out loud about this each time.  Not quite sure why pickle humor is my thing, but it’s damn funny.  So, when I saw there’s a pickle ornament I had to have it!  Still on the hunt for one for my family.  But it gets better!  It’s a game!  The legend is said to be of German origin, (but I heard that was recently disproved perhaps the real origin in Mama Momtourage) the first child to locate the pickle on the tree is said to receive an extra gift from Santa Claus and have good fortune all year long!  Fun!

12-12 11


I would love to wear this costume.  Sadly, I don’t think the hubster would be on board…

I hope you enjoyed these holiday pins!  Do you follow me on Pinterest yet?  You totally should!

Have a great day!



2 thoughts on “That’s Pineresting: Holiday Entertaining

  1. I was at ‘More than a Mailbox’ this morning over by Blue Ravine Animal Hospital and they have the pickle ornament. Go get it Mama!

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