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Between my daughter’s school schedule, her activities, my son’s activities, my husbands work schedule, and his FCCF coaching schedule, and even the dogs grooming schedule my head has been left spinning.  We’ve had a few different types of ways to keep things organized but they didn’t seem to really help.  For example, our Family Calendar that had everyone’s info each month was so cluttered that the hubby said he needed a compass to navigate it. Ugh…

Then I did a little research on family calendar apps.  And I found Cozi Calendar.  It’s a free app that allows you and your significant there to see what’s going on in your worlds in real time.  You can set reminders to be emailed to either of you.  It is also color coordinated by person (or dog).  And it does a ton of other stuff for you!  There is a paid option, but I’ve been using the free one for a few months and haven’t felt the need to upgrade.  When you upgrade, you don’t see anymore ads.  They don’t really bother me.  Here’s what the company has to say about the app.

See why everyone from Family Circle to Working Mother Magazine is raving about Cozi.

With the help of Cozi’s calendar, everyone in the family can see who needs to be where and when.

  • Forgot when the soccer game starts? Get the CoziiPhone app or Android app to manage the family schedule while you’re on the go.
  • Print the calendar by week or month to give to your kids. Or, post it in places they’re bound to see them like the front door or their foreheads.
  • Share family activities with a babysitter or grandparent by adding a tab for them in the calendar.
  • Need a printable calendar template? Use any of these free blank calendars.

I like that it emails me at the beginning of each week with that week’s schedule.  I also like that I can manage it on my computer or on my phone.  The only reason I would upgrade is because when you add something last minute, it doesn’t notify the other adult.   To get around that I have just added him to the alarm and then he’ll get a reminder about it on his phone.

Anyone that knows me, knows I love me some paper.  Notebooks and paper calendars are my have.  I guess I’m a bit old school that way.  Well, I still use those things, but now I can tell people whether or not I can be somewhere right when they ask!  That has been pretty nice!  No more waffling!


Do yourself and your family a favor and download the Cozi app!  It’ll change your life!!

Do you use a different family calendar app?  Do you love it?  Let me know what it is??

Have a great day!!


PS – this is NOT a sponsored post.

PPS – My lovely hubby pointed out to me that he recommended I check out Cozi a year ago.  LOL, he’s one smart man!



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