It’s Never Too Late


Yesterday, I ran part of a relay for Team Momtourage at the California International Marathon (full post tomorrow!).  It was so amazing!  There were so many different types of people running.  Different ages, sizes, backgrounds, and abilities.  It was so inspiring.


At one point, my shoe came untied on my way up a hill.  I was already getting in my head about the hills and the cold.  I tied my shoe and started running again, I was in a bad head space.  Then, two men with a tether connecting them passed me.  They had on vests, one said “Blind Runner” and the other “Guide”.  That was all the inspiration I needed.  I started to think about how I had trained for this day.  Each day I was going to run, I would see when I could fit it in or when I felt like going for a run.  I took that freedom and flexibility for granted.  But the blind man didn’t have that privilege.  He had to overcome his disability and schedule his training with a guide.  That’s real commitment.  I was so inspired.  I pushed through and ran the fastest time I’d ran on the the longest distance I’ve ever ran.

There were signs held by spectators that read, “Do this today, because maybe you won’t be able to tomorrow.”.  So true.  My call to action for you is to set a goal.  Maybe you will start to achieve this goal after the first of the year, or maybe you’ll start today.  The point is to set one.  Anything at all.  Just make it something that will change your life for the better.

Well, what goal are you going to achieve???

There are so many holiday festivities going on around town, too many to list here.  But they are all listed, with details, on the Momtourage community calendar.  Check it out!



One thought on “It’s Never Too Late

  1. Way to go Amanda! Glad you and the other ladies did so well, congrats! When I run this afternnon, you will be the little birdie on my shoulder pushing me to go a little further, thanks for the “inspiration”. XOXO


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