Meet Mandy

I am so excited to introduce you to Mandy today!  She’s someone I’ve only met virtually.  But I think you’re really going to like her as much as I do!  She emailed Facebooked me when she was just about to have her third child, so she wanted to wait until her world was a little calmer before she agreed to take the time to share all her likes and dislikes in our Five for Friday.  Can you blame her?  She told me she was a little nervous about doing this because she had never done anything like this, but she did such a great job!!!  I’m sure you’ll all agree!  Plus, she super generous!  She is offering a raffle prize for our 1st Annual Momtourage GIVE Event!!  Read on to find out what she’s going to donate….

Meet Mandy

2012-06-30_16-13-17_70 (2)


Hi all! I am Mandy Kidwell, a stay-at-home mom, from Elk Grove.  I grew up in the country and I am still a country girl at heart.  Before being a SAHM I was an insurance agent, then a firefighter.  I went back to school when I was pregnant with Lilly (my oldest) and got my BS in Kinesiology and teaching credentials.  We love camping, hiking and anything outdoors!  My amazing husband, Mike and I, celebrated our 10 year anniversary this year with a trip to Ireland!  We have three incredible children, Lilly 5, Mikey 3, and Weston just 7 weeks old!

My husband recently went back to work as a firefighter, which means he is gone for days at a time and I have been learning how to deal with all three kids, by myself, at home and out in public!  To say the least it has been challenging getting used to the crazy life with three kids.

Currently Coveting:


Boot Barn Corral Women’s Vintage Inlay and Stud Square Toe Western Boots $269.99

Vintage cowgirl boots, love these boots!  I am obsessed with all boots and I’ve had my eye on these super cute vintage cowgirl boots.  I pretty much love any boot in general right now.

I really love…

Weston 6mos 091


I know everyone says this, but it’s true, my family!  I have the best, most amazing husband in the world and I think my kids are pretty awesome too.  I am so blessed to have a healthy and happy family.  I could go on and on, but I don’t think you ladies wants to hear me gush over my family.

Guilty Pleasure…



Just choose one…? I would have to say my latest guilty pleasure is Starbucks skinny peppermint mochas!  I’m addicted.  They taste so delightful and they give me a ton of energy to get things done.  Double bonus, score and score!

Fave beauty item:



Hands down NeriumAD night and day cream!  I love what it does for my skin and I love that I get it for free!!  I like to say it is nature’s face-lift in a bottle and starts working in days!

It reduces fine lines and wrinkles, reduces pores and evens out the tone and texture of my skin.  It also has some amazing side effects like, clearing up acne, works on scarring, and rosacea!  Miracle cream… I know, right?!  When I was pregnant with Lilly I got “the mask of pregnancy,” which is discoloring of the skin.  I got it on my upper lip, forehead and cheeks and within two weeks of using Nerium it was almost gone!

I loved it so much that I decided to promote it!  I have now been working from home sharing Nerium with my friends and family for six months now.  I have been able to take the financial pressure off my husband and I am on my way to earning my Lexus!  That’s right ladies a much needed third row seat Lexus!

It is truly an amazing feeling to introduce it to someone that has been struggling with skin issues their entire life and have them see it working in days!  I love being a part of something that is changing people’s lives, physically and financially!  You can learn more about Nerium at 

Recent mommy moment…



Again, just choose one?!  Mmmmm….. my crazy son who bounces off the walls, gets into everything and plays with knives, my 5 year old daughter that seems to have the hormones of a teenager,  or the addition of our new baby boy and the balancing of all three?!  Ok, here is one of many and I imagine looked pretty ridiculous!

Not sure what crazy pills I was taking that day, but I decided to venture out to Costco three days before Thanksgiving with all three kids, all by myself, for the first time!  I don’t think I realized what I was getting into until I got all three kids out of the truck and went to grab a cart.  I had Weston in the stroller and grabbed a cart for Mikey and Lilly (which was challenging enough with a crazy 3 year old!)  I started to try to push the cart through the crowded parking lot while pulling the stroller…. What a sight I must have been!  I then recruited Lilly’s help to push the stroller because I wasn’t going to make it out of the parking lot like that. She reluctantly helped me and as soon as she started pushing the stroller into a parked car I realized I was in more trouble than I thought, yikes!  We finally made it into the store after cautiously pushing the cart and helping Lilly with the stroller.  From there I had to cross into on-coming cart traffic to get the coupons I had forgotten at home, Lilly still pushing Weston in the stroller. (Seriously, crazy pills!)  While standing in line for the coupons I realized this wasn’t going to work and I had to think quick about what my next move would be.  So, I tucked the stroller underneath the cart, put Weston in the basket part of the cart and put Lilly and Mikey next to each other in the seats.  Where, do you ask, would I put anything I wanted to purchase?  I was going to figure that out as I went.  Finally, I got my coupons and made it back to the front door, as we were off, Mikey and Lilly start pushing each other in their seats and yelling at one another!  With people staring, I start weaving through the crowd and pushing the cart faster to get what I needed and get out!  You can imagine the sight!  This is the short version, I didn’t even go into trying to get the kids samples!  I am cured from doing that again for a long time.  I would say cured forever, but I’m pretty stubborn and I’m sure I’ll try it again someday!


Oh my, I think we can all relate to the kids at Costco, right?!  I only have two, but I can totally feel her pain!!  OK, I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into Mandy’s life!  I know I did!!  Don’t forget to check her out at  And, if you would like to meet her in person she will be at the Momtourage GIVE Event.  I hope to see you all there!!!

Have a great weekend!




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