That’s Pinteresting…

foot prints

Some of my own pinspiration.

footprints collage

The hubby and I added some glitter to some baking powder, then he put on his snowboard boots, stopped around in the mixture and then onto the carpet.  In the morning, the kids loved it!  My little lady said, “Why would Santa leave such a mess?”.  And the little man wanted to touch it to see if it was real.  But they both loved that there was proof that Santa was here, other than the gifts, of course.

B and Lou with lights

The year before last, we has some fun taking pictures of the kids with Christmas lights.  I am (obviously) not anywhere near a professional photog, but this was a really fun project.  We put out a blanket and a few strings of lights and put the kids in red and white.  They loved it and I think the pics came out super cute!  You should totally try it!!

In the meantime, here are some very Pinteresting holiday ideas!

12-4 8

Source: Mommy Savers

This is a really cool idea that I am definitely doing this year.  You buy an ornament (this one’s from the dollar store) and write down the top memories of the year as told by the family members.

12-4 7


Seriously swooning over this home.  It’s just beautiful!

12-4 6

Source: Dream Book Design

It’s no secret that I love faux-dermy, and this is fantastic!

12-4 5

Source: Good Housekeeping

Another cute look at faux-dermy.  Love it!

12-4 3

Source: The Creative Stamper Spot

I’ve seen these before, I think the kiddos would love it!

12-4 2

Source: Joy Works

I’ve had a serious obsession with angel wings lately, and these are seriously beautiful!

12-4 1

Source: Stacey Nash Primitive Designs

What a lovely alternative to the standard wreath!


Source: A Beautiful Mess

I have been really wanting to do this.  I just love having something festive in the air, and this would be a great alternative to candles.

Have a great Thursday!




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