Small Biz Saturday and Christmas Traditions


Does everyone out there still have all their limbs in tact after black Friday?  I went out for a bit, in the middle of the day and not at any major retailers.  Instead I shopped local, knowing that I couldn’t actually shop local on “small business Saturday”.  A week or so ago a girlfriend (Kindra from here and here) and I went shopping in some local vintage and antique stores (see that post here), and I saw a beautiful cathedral.  She and I both passed it up.  When I was putting up all my Christmas decor I got a bit of “decorators block” so I texted for help and she said, “Go buy the cathedral.”.  So I did.  I LOVE it.  Great advice Kindra!  What do you think?

I am seriously so in love with it!  I got it at Gracefully Vintage on Sutter Street in Old Folsom.  If you’ve never popped in to browse around, it’s a must!  They always have a thousand beautiful things.  It’s a fairly small shop, but they do such a great job of layering all their displays that you have to walk through like five times before you leave or you’ll miss something.  I will be heading back for more antlers, their beautiful pillows, and a an old trophy cup.  But I also loved these items too:


Linnen Settee

This settee is my dream furniture piece for our master bedroom.  I have the perfect place for it!


Silver Engraved French Horn

table runners

Burlap Table Runners

Xmas pillow

Linen Merry Christmas Pillow with burlap trim

3 wise men

Three Wise Men

vintage skates

Vintage Ice Skates

These would look awesome hanging from a wreath on your front door.

Elf on the Shelf and Other Traditions

Since yesterday was December 1st, let’s talk about the elf on the shelf.  Our household does not have an elf, maybe next year we’ll get one.  I love the mischievous elves, I think I could have a lot of fun with that.  However, some fabulous readers sent me some great ideas of those of you that have one.

The first tip is from a great little blog called A Little More.  She did this post about mapping out your elf’s calendar of hijinks or hiding places.  We do an advent calendar and I do something very similar.  I am a huge planner as I’m sure you’ve all guessed.

secret bubblers

Another fabulous idea is something called Secret Bubblers.  This kit is about $30 to order, but it combines kindness and philanthropy.  Two of my most favorite things!  It will also help you if you’re trying to come up with something for your elf to do everyday.  Basically, your elf gets a letter saying that there’s a microscopic elf that wants to get into Santa’s workshop.  If your family’s elf helps (with the help of your child/ren) they can become a part of the secret Bubbles society.  You have to read about it, it’s super cute!  If we had an elf, I’d be all over that!

advent CollagePottery Barn Telluride Advent Calendar (no longer available)

Instead, for now, we do this lovely advent calendar.  Growing up we had some awesome ones that were handmade and my mom tied a small candy cane to each ring.  We loved it!  I decided a few years ago to put an activity or a small gift in each pocket.  I like to pair these activities with stuff we’re already doing or community events.  This way it keeps things from getting crazier than they are this time of year.  However, this does take some serious planning on your part!  So I sat down with a helper (my niece, Hope) and my hubby and our calendar and made magic happen.


After looking through our personal calendar and the Momtourage community calendar, I wrote the daily activity on each of those adorable chalkboard tags.  I bought them at Target in the dollar bins.  Then I grabbed a few little crafts, also from Target.  I also like to add candy to a few pouched and we put coins in each one.  I found this book and though it would be a perfect addition to our holiday book collection.  They have one for each state, I highly suggest you get one too.  We read it to the kids last night and they really loved it!


I wrote each thing we were doing down and then added to our family calendar so I would be able to actually accomplish each thing on each ticket they pulled that day.  That’s the true MAGIC of the holidays mamas, planning!  Then Hope assembled the advent calendar for me.

IMG_5803Day one was the book, some chocolate Santas and some coins for the kids’ piggie banks.  They were very happy!


I’m sure you’re making memories in your household today too, I’d love tot hear about them!



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