Meet Michelle

I hope you had a great holiday with friends and family yesterday.  My hubby and I ran the 10K at our local Turkey Trot. I did my personal best at a timed 10K with about a 52 minute finish.  He finished in 42.  Not his personal record, but pretty darn good.  Then we had a great meal with family.  It was a wonderful Thanksgiving…now onto Christmas!!!
Anyway, I have a fantastic and lovely mama for you to meet.  Her name is Michelle and I met her at a “New Mom” group when my daughter was about 4 months old and her daughter was just born.  Much like Amanda from last week, Michelle is an inspiration.  She has a passion, and a real talent, for photography.  She truly loves it.  If you ever get a chance to see her at a shoot, it will become immediately clear that she’s right where she should be.  So, she quit her day job to follow her dreams.  She has focused all her efforts on her business Memories by Michelle.
She has a great blog where she highlights most of her sessions and gives invaluable advice from how to hang your portraits in your home, to locations for shoots, to how to prepare for a photo session.  I was offered to write a guest post for her about how to style your family for fall/winter shoots.  You should totally check it out.  She also shares some more personal posts about her journey as a photographer.
Here are some of my favorite shots Michelle has taken of our family over the years:

me at preston 3
me at preston 2
She does amazing work and always makes you feel comfortable no matter what’s going on with you.  When she came to my house to take my son’s 1st official pictures I had a pretty serious case of the baby blues.  Like… I didn’t stop crying the whole entire time.  I was just crying and apologizing.  But she still got that shot; the one with the mitt and the glove.  That’s the shot we wanted for our birth announcement.
Please check out her website and like her Facebook page.  And, if you need a photographer for a wedding, a birth, milestones, a headshot, or just because it’s been a while since your family was immortalized please contact Michelle.

Meet Michelle

Hi, I’m Michelle, originally from England but now living in Orangevale with my husband of 7 years, Joss, and my 4-year old daughter, Daisy. I’m a bit of a vampire nut; have been since I was 7 and saw “Salem’s Lot” (so, yes, before Twilight thankyouverymuch). I’m also a published writer, a passionate foreign-traveler, a shameless One Direction fan, and a wannabe big-city dweller. Oh, I also take pictures of families and children for a living. Check me out at

Currently Coveting:

living out loud
Alright, in reality, I “covet” photography stuff. Literally, I’d blow off a designer outfit for a L-series Canon lens (make it the $2,500 85mm f/1.2 and I might give up my first born too.) BUT, outside of photography, right now I have my eye on a book by Keri Smith called “Living out Loud“. It’s a whole book dedicated to helping you rekindle your youthful enthusiasm and playfulness in life. Lots of little daily projects and activities that help you to rediscover wonder in the world around you. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day humdrum and responsibilities of life, I feel like making it a daily practice to spent just a few moments dedicated to fun and exploration, is something we should all do. I guess I don’t need this book to do that but I’d love to try it out for inspiration anyway.

I really love…

Grey CAbi puffer vest from the 2010 Fall line. I love the way it hugs your curves vs. turning you into a tree trunk like many vests. It’s warm and trendy but also super practical with all sort of pockets. For me this is huge, especially when I’m shooting since I have a habit of losing keys, cell phones, and lens caps! Literally every Fall photo season, you’ll find me sporting this thing religiously. See below and attached. This photo doesn’t really do it justice, to be honest.

Guilty Pleasure…

Joyva Halva. I’m pretty much a nut for all middle-eastern type food. I found this stuff at a health food store in London during my teens. It was between the train station and my university and so I used to grab a small bar of it almost every day and nibble on it throughout lectures. Of course, back then I was walking 2-3 miles a day so the 400 calorie price-tag wasn’t such a big deal. Now I can only find it at Sprouts. It’s $7.99 a pack and I only purchase it when I’m mentally prepared to expend the calories because, once I open it, it’s pretty much demolished in 2-3 days.

Fave beauty item:

My friend, Kim, who did my make-up at my wedding, had me buy this for my bridal make-up. It’s been in my must-have beauty bag ever since. There’s literally not a look or outfit it won’t go with. It’s the “black” of lipstick.

Recent mommy moment…

Gawd, this one is a hard one. My daughter is pretty straight-laced and so doesn’t really do much to embarrass me anymore. The last time I remember an “incident” of the child type was when she was about a year old and she pointed to a female shopper in Safeway with large breasts and repeated “Big boobies! Big boobies!” over and over again. I ran behind an end-cap, obvy. Recently, I guess my “moment” was when I decided to dress up in mismatched clothes and go to lunch with a friend at a local restaurant. I’d been having a rough week and I just decided to do something to cheer myself up. Weirdly, although I thought I looked like a total freak, most people (my friend included) thought I was just being “colorful” that day. I guess I underestimated people’s tolerance for quirky in Folsom. Anyway, it totally changed my mood… that and the bottomless mimosas we drank.. and on a weekday no-less!
How could you not love a girl that is following her passion and drinks mimosas on a Tuesday to cheer herself up?  Special thanks to Michelle for reminding us to “rekindle our youthful enthusiasm and playfulness in life”.  That’s an excellent thing to focus on, everyday, but especially during this season.  It can be stressful, but it’s really supposed to be about faith, family, and the magic of the holiday season.
Don’t forget to check out her website and like her Facebook page.
Have a great weekend!




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