Meet Amanda Kludt

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This Friday I have a hard working, inspirational mama for you all to meet.  Amanda and I played soccer together when we were little, went on to work with my husband (small world!) until she decided to take the leap to follow her dreams.



She is now the co-founder of Bumbums & Baubles…well-made shoes for girls that have interchangeable baubles (accessories). SO CUTE!  They have girls footwear and headbands.  My own little angel has some Bumbums boots and she loves them!  I love them too because they have lasted over a year!!  Yep, they really are very well-made.  Anyway, she had an idea and worked her rump off and was able to make her dream a reality.  See, super inspiring.  You can read more about how she did it here.

Meet Amanda

Hi!  I’m Amanda Kludt aka “Panda” (think family nickname, not so much a 250 lb. third baseman).  I live in Sacramento with my hubby of 9 years (next month!), Aron, and our kids Belle (6), and Grady (4).  Fun fact: my daughter Belle was the inspiration for Bumbums & Baubles. Her nickname is “Bumbum” from when she was just a babe. I LOVE people and I like shopping, traveling, cooking, laughing, fun family time, optimism, biz strategy, naps/sleep (though I never get enough of the last one).  I don’t like flying, elevators, smoking, MAYO, and pessimism.

Currently Coveting:

tahoe cabin

A cabin in Lake Tahoe! I have been dreaming of having a cabin on the lake (West Shore to be exact) for a looong time. Our family of four LOVES the summers and winters in Tahoe and has already made so many great memories there. I need to sell A LOT of Bumbums & Baubles to make this dream a reality!

I really love…

258 (1)

Time with my family because I certainly don’t get enough of it. My family is definitely my number one priority, but my business requires me to travel a lot. I love the downtime with my sweet fam whether we’re cuddling up and reading books or watching a movie or going to the park. I’m working on building something that they will one day be proud of too and I want to show them that hard work pays off!

Guilty Pleasure…

Shopping_Spree_Fashion_IllustrationShopping! I used to not feel too guilty about this one when I was working in corporate America, but things have definitely changed since starting a company. I’ve had to make some serious cutbacks and sadly, this included shopping. Of course I do some shopping because I have to stay on top of trends (at least that’s the story I tell my husband).

Fave beauty item:

skin care

Elta MD Physical Tinted 41 $20 //// Nia 24 Eye Cream $37.99

I worked in the dermatology field for 9 years before starting B&B so I was a little spoiled with some amazing products. I could go on and on with this question! Nia 24 eye cream is one of my faves—it seriously works! I’m also a big believer in sunscreen for anti-aging and love Elta Physical Tinted 41… to be exact. Anyone who’s worked or hung out with me knows I’m obsessed with lip gloss and reapply it about 20 times per day. I like all different ones including the cheap crap as long as it isn’t sticky.

Recent mommy moment…


I have so many crazy/interesting/funny moments that happen on an almost daily basis! One of my recent moments was this: On my birthday (just last week) the stars seriously aligned! I was up at 4:00 am in Mexico with my biz partner to catch two flights back to Sacramento for a court case. We knew we were going to be cutting it extremely close when we booked our trip, but had no idea just how close as we got the last two seats on the plane from San Diego to Sacramento (running in, of course)! Caitlin and I sat apart on the flight so we had to strategize in the car on the way to the courthouse. Sometimes bringing your “A” game in the 11th hour works! We won the case! Additionally, while I was sitting apart from Caitlin reading a magazine, I had another “a-ha” moment where I suddenly realized exactly how we could reach a lot of kids and inspire them about entrepreneurship (something we both feel passionate about). So although there wasn’t a crazy party, it was an AMAZING b-day!



So inspiring!  OK, let’s all follow Panda’s lead and go out and work to make our dreams come true!!  Special thanks to Amanda for sharing all her fab answers with us!

Have a great weekend!



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