Want that Wednesday – Holiday Gift Guide – Little girls edition!


girl gift  Collage

Today is exactly FIVE weeks until Christmas!  Can you believe that??  I’ve been doing a pretty good job of slowly checking off my Christmas list, but I still have a few more things to pick up.  I admit it, I’m not the best gift giver.

In an effort to thwart my own personal spotty Christmas gift history, I have enlisted help with the selection  of Christmas gifts.  I’ve been polling some friends for gift ideas, my “Think Tank”.  And I have enlisted the help of my hubby.  I’m guilty of bringing bad gifts to kids parties…my husband teases me constantly about the fact that one time I brought the gift of dinnerwear to a three year-old’s birthday party.  (It was from PB Kids in my defense!)  I’ll never live that down.  However, he’s pretty good with the gifts!  He’s sooo good at purchasing children’s gifts that he calls himself the “Gift Whisperer”.  After he made this large claim, he’s earned himself the privilege of purchasing all gifts for every kids party we are invited to…ever.  He’s offered his Gift Whisperer picks too.

In this second Gift Guide Edition we’re tackling the little ladies in your lives.  Wether you have one or know one with list should have every budget and type of girl covered!  This gift list is in price order, low to high.  In case you missed last week’s gift guide, it was for the little men.

Thank heaven for little girls!


Gift Whisperer’s Gift Selections

Fun Loom

Fun Loom Bracelet Making Kit $9.99

(Honestly, unless you’ve been living under a rock, in jail, or no where near any children, you’ll know that the Loom is seriously the bomb.com.  I’m not kidding.  It’s weird and it’s even weirder that the girls are so crazy about it.  It’s like the friendship bracelet machine of their generation.  Apparently it’s also good for fine motor skills.)

Art case

Crayola 200-Piece Masterworks Art Case $29.99

Perfect for our little Artiste!

Momtourage Think Tank Gift Selections

Here’s the master list by price.  I hope you find something for that special little girl!

chutes and ladders

Chutes & Ladders $10.99

Fun for family game night!

vet outfit

Vet outfit $16.99

Imaginative play anyone?

hungry hungry hippo

Hungry Hungry Hippos $21.99

Family game night!!

Trunk for dresses.mvc

Trunk of Dresses $23.49

Dress up fun!

disney palace pets

Disney Palace Pets $24.99

Princesses and pets?!  Double rainbow people.

stuffies unicorn 2

Stuffies $30

Hide your stuff from your little brother in this!  Apparently it can hold up to 70 small treasures.  And, when your brother’s fat little fingers are not nimble enough to use a zipper, you don’t even need a lock!  He will never b able to get to your favorite rock now!

make-up kit

Mega Make-Up Kit $37.94

Everything a little girl could ask for in the make-up department.

vet clinic toy

Vet Clinic Toy $39.99

Perfect for job training.

easy bake oven

Easy-Bake Oven $59.99

She can finally help make dinner!

American girl tea set

American Girl Tea Party $68

A classy gift for a classy little lady.

Electronics 3.mvc

Leap Pad 2 $79

Games galore and tons to learn.


Junior Art Easel and Paint $100

Rainy day fun!


American Girl Doll ($110)

A very special doll for a very special girl.

barbie dream house

Barbie Dream House $148.99

One of my friends had this when we were little.  I thought it was the coolest ever!  Apparently it still is!

Electronics 2.mvc

Kindle Fire $139


Nabi Tablet $179.99


Ipad 2 $399

And some more electronics for the bigger spenders.  They have tons of educational apps!

There you have it.  I’m sure there was something for everyone!

Have a great day!




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