Inspiring Monday!

inspo 11-18

Did you have a good weekend?  I did!  I celebrated my hubby’s birthday.  Every moment I have with that man is a moment I never want to forget.  Sadly, the day to day life gets in the way and sometimes I take him for granted.  That’s why this week’s quote is speaking to me.

I feel like I would be a whole lot happier if I would just live in the moment.  Of course there are plans to be made, rules to follow, and schedules to keep.  All of these things tend to hinder this “in the moment” mentality.  So maybe, for me at this time in my life, it’s not something that can completely be my mantra, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have this mentality from time to time.

The next time one of my kids asks me to pretend to be a dinosaur or a doggie I will fully commit to that character.  I will roar and I will get on all fours and bark with my kiddos.  When my husband asks me to give him a hug I will stop and hug him with all I’ve got.  When I have a chance to spend time with my mom or other family members, I will be focused and not answer texts or check emails.  When I’m hanging out with an old friend, I’ll be focused on catching up with someone near and dear.  When there is a family get-together (and there are many on the horizon) I will listen to everything everyone is saying, I will look around that room and try to remember that moment, and when my kids are melting down I will remember that moment too.  Someday, they won’t throw temper tantrums, they’ll just throw “shade” and then drive off in my car with their license when they’re ready to leave.  The bottom line is that it’s important to stop and savor these times in our lives.  These moments add up to our lifetime.  I, personally, get so caught up in the minutia of the day to day that I forget to stop and savor all these little moments.

So, today, take a moment to pause your inner monologue and just be all there.

There are a ton of super fun things to do in our community the holiday season.  Most are free!  Please check out my calendar (especially the December page) for all the Christmas tree lightings and other festive fun!

Have a great day!



4 thoughts on “Inspiring Monday!

  1. I appreciate a reminder like this. Good one. I always intend to be more in the moment but little task really have a way of taking over.

    • I’m so glad you found it helpful! It’s is hard to be focused on being “in the moment” when everything takes you away from that. All we can do is try to get there as often as possible.

  2. Great advise Amanda! This especailly rings true around the Holidays, they can get so crazy that we forget to enjoy all the little “moments” that are happening around us. Here’s to savoring the moments!:)


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