Meet Candice


It’s Friday and you know what that means….I have another beautiful mama to introduce you to.  Her name is Candice and she’s fabulous!  We’ve been friends since 2005.  She’s smart, fun, and beautiful.  The total package!  She’s always down for a good time and loves to laugh.  I’ve seen her as a newlywed, a successful career woman, a new mom, a business owner, and as an established mom of three.  Throughout each step of her life she has always been led with an open heart and mind, creativity, grace, and a genuine desire to get the most out of life.

Candice loves to entertain!  She’s always jumping at the chance to open her beautiful home and show friends a good time!  The perpetual “hostess with the mostest”, she never disappoints.  She makes her guests feel at home.  She’s always has appetizers ready to go and wine, champagne, or some specialty cocktail to whip up tailor made for you.

Here, in her own words, she’s dishing what’s hot in “Candyland” right now!

Meet Candice


Hi I am Candice!  I have been married to my husband, Adam, for nine years and we have three beautiful children.  I am originally from Northern Minnesota but have lived in California since I was 18.  Currently we live in the Northern California.  My migration to California is a long story but basically I moved to Arizona with my mom my senior year of high school.  I was miserable for the first several months so I applied to a private acting school in Scottsdale, when I got accepted I graduated high school early.  Growing up in Minnesota I was a member of a popular traveling children’s theatre and have always had a love of acting and theatre arts.  I came to California shortly after my 18th birthday.  At the time I was working as a promotional model for a local production company in Scottsdale.  That year I was offered representation by an agent in Los Angeles and I jumped at the opportunity.  My youngest brother was also interested in going to Los Angeles at the time.  He was working as an animal trainer and wanted to get into doing stunt work.  So two little naive kids from Minnesota made the trip!  Hello Beverly Hills 90210!  I had an amazing time there, but less than a year in knew it wasn’t for me.


Around the same time my mom had moved to San Francisco.  I visited her there one weekend and knew insistently that the Bay Area was where I wanted to be.  I moved to Walnut Creek that summer and started my Bachelors degree at San Francisco State University that fall.  I also worked for a San Francisco casting network and continued to do theatre in college.  On the weekends I worked at a fun micro-brewery in Walnut Creek and was introduced to an overly confidant self proclaimed “funny guy” named Adam about two years later.  I had a feeling after our first date that I would proabably end up marrying him.  Yes he was funny!

Candice Wedding

In 2004 the year I graduated college, we tied the knot.


After college I was dying to get a “real 9-5 ”  job so I started working for a recruiting company in Sacramento which, oddly enough, the casting background made for a perfect fit.  I was in corporate recruiting for about 8 years.  I loved the flexibility it allowed for travel and of course starting a family! So now that we have three under the age of five and I get to stay home and focus on being a mother and wife, aka “master of the universe”!


So happy and thankful with where we are in life and all of the wonderful people who surround us! We love to spend time with our friends, ski and snow sports, travel and to do anything that involves spending time with our little ones.

Currently Coveting:


 Fests, fests and more fests! That is vests with fur! I bought this fabulous shearling one last year.

Fest Collage

It was perfect for a beautiful fall day wine tasting with friends. Nothing is sassier than a little leather and fur! And vests are perfect way to add a warm layer on a cool fall or winter day in Nor Cal! Here are a few I have spotted recently. From Michael Kors, Guess and Donna Karen.  Shop vests HERE

I really love…

MAC Collage

Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50 $35 //// Prep + Prime Lip $21 //// Fix + $21 //// Bronzing Powder $25

All my MAC beauty products but especially the Prep + Prime Line. Here is my top 4 that I use daily.

Guilty Pleasure…

champs is always the answer

Champagne and sparkling wine. Yes, guilty!  I love this stuff!


Mumm DVX $49.99 //// Veuve Clicquot Brut #31.99 //// Mumm Cuvee “M” $15.99

These are my top picks that won’t break the bank!

Fave beauty items:

MAC Prep & Prime SPF 50

Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50 MAC Cosmetic $30

St. Tropez Tanning Lotion

St. Tropez Tanning Essential $42

Also another must have is St. Tropez Self Tanner.  love the stuff!

Recent mommy moment…

There is always something…but the most memorable has to be a couple years ago during Christmas.  That year, we had been using our guest room as “Santa’s Workshop”.  Basically dumping anything gift or Christmas related in there. I kept it locked during the day as we didn’t want the kids to discover any of their gifts.  However, one morning (a week or so before Christmas),  I woke up early to nurse my youngest and after failing to fall back asleep, I groggily went downstairs to do some gift wrapping.  I opened the guest room door and went about piling all the gifts into piles for each of our family members.  Then leaving the door wide open, took a couple out to my kitchen table for wrapping.  Little did I know my oldest son, Tristan (3 1/2 at  the time), had woken up and also wondered downstairs and … yes into the guest room!  Apparently he riffled around in there for a few minutes until he located the number one thing on his Christmas list…The Monsters Zombie Lab.  And, filled with glee, ran out to show me.  I literally screamed with fear when he came out shrieking, “Mom, Mom!  Santa came last night!  He came!  Santa came early!”.  I was devastated after just ruining Christmas.  I will say it took me a couple minutes to gain my composure and figure out what I could possibly do to salvage the situation.  Calmly, I explained that it was physically impossible for Santa to carry every gift to every house in one night so he likes to store gifts at certain families houses for safe keeping until Christmas….And I waited… He thought about it for a minute and then nodded and said, “well that’s cool mom!”.  So eventually he put the present back and was thrilled to get his markers out to make a “Keep Out, Santa’s Workshop” sign for the guest bedroom door.  Needless to say, we do not use the guest bedroom for gift storage anymore!

Don’t you just love her!  I’m going to pop open some champs and throw on a fest!  I hope you all have a great weekend!  Special thanks to Candice for opening up to us!  Great info, girl!

Have a great weekend!




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