That’s Pinteresting…. and a holiday confession.

11-13 6

This will be my holiday motto when times get rough, “that’s life”.  With Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching I’m getting super excited, but also a little stressed because it’s just a busy time of year.  This year, there’s the shortest amount of time in between the two holidays than there has ever been before. (Not sure if that’s an actual fact, but it seems pretty true.  I think we lost like a whole week compared to last year.) Oh yeah, did I mention that my daughter’s birthday is December 28th?  Yup, that just adds a degree of difficulty to the season.  But she was due on Christmas day, so I feel like I dodged a bullet there.  We were joking about naming her Jesusina or Kris Kringle or Spirit.  Fun times.

This time of year for “Memory Makers” like us is like tax season for accountants.  We’re working overtime and dealing with grumpy customers.  And, we have to make sure we have all the receipts.  (You know, because of all the gift shopping and getting.)

I loved Christmastime and Christmas as a kid, my parents were really awesome at making it special.  But as I got a little older and responsible for my own things, I stopped liking it so much.  Maybe the magic wore off, maybe it had to do with my finances getting stretched too thin, or my time getting stretched too thin.  Well, the first year after my daughter was born, everything changed.  I began to love the holidays again, like instantly.  So eveytime Halloween is over I start to plot and plan our holiday adventures.

Here’s my weekly round up of “pinspiration”.  It’s sort of a random list.  Enjoy!

11-13 2

No source

This is a “no brainer”.  I already have this game (and most of you probably do too.) and it would help with fine motor skills.  I could also make it more advanced by asking him to put four reds in a row or something.  Love it!

11-13 1

No Source

Apparently this pin led me to an Etsy shop that is no longer in business.  Sad.  I was kinda in love with this.  I mean, where are my “Fresh Prince” fans at?  Holla!

This year I will be running a 10K with some of the Momtourage and my hubby on Thanksgiving morning.  And we are so lucky to spend Christmas in Tahoe with my family.  Being away from home on a holiday just means extra planning. So these are all things on my radar.

11-13 5


Let me tell you, if I could have a humidifier system installed in my house, I totally would.  I love steam rooms and I love a humidifier.  My skin, my skin!  It glows!  My hubby, not so much.  I tried to have one in our room at night for a while, but he said it made our room too hot.  Ah man, my skin looked fab though.  However, when I travel to the mountains I always bring one for each room, and he appreciates it.  That dry mountain air is no joke!  Major bummer on your skin.

11-13 4


I have a real love for faux-dermy.  Seriously LOVE!  So this free printable is right up my alley!  I will be adorning it with gold glitter in all the right places and then framing it.  I may need to repaint this frame red just for the season.

11-13 7


Fantastic festive cocktail for any occasion: brunch, cookie exchange, Tuesday, holiday morning, holiday dessert…I could go on and on.  It’s easy and looks tasty.

11-13 8


I’m always looking for a great Christmas morning breakfast.  I like something casual because our dinners are usually a little more formal.  I also like something that can be made the night (or day before) and one that has a high protein content.  This looks easy and like it could feed quite a few people.

11-13 3


It’s cranberry infused bourbon, triple sec, and lemon-lime soda.  Sounds fabulous and festive.  It also sounds similar to a drink I had long ago called a “Southern Hurricane”.  I loved those!  Plus it’s called “Santa’s Little Helper”…hilarious.

I hope you enjoyed these pins!  What are you doing this holiday season?





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