Want that Wednesday – The Holiday Gift Guide

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I’m happy to say that I’ve already done some of my Christmas shopping!  (Don’t be jealous!)  This is a first for me.  I always have the best of intentions to get it all done by December 1st, but end up fumbling through the over-crowded mall at the last minute.  I hate that!  Plus, there are so many things to enjoy this time of the year that I don’t want the stress of gifts hanging over my head.  Of course that’s not exactly the “spirit” of the season, but getting it handled does help me enjoy the “spirit’ of the season.  You know what I mean?

In an effort to thwart my own personal spotty Christmas gift history, I have enlisted help with the selection  of Christmas gifts.  I’ve been polling some friends for gift ideas, my “Think Tank”.  And I have enlisted the help of my hubby.  I’m guilty of bringing bad gifts to kids parties…my husband teases me constantly about the fact that one time I brought the gift of dinnerwear to a three year-old’s birthday party.  (It was from PB Kids in my defense!)  I’ll never live that down.  However, he’s pretty good with the gifts!  He’s sooo good at purchasing children’s gifts that he calls himself the “Gift Whisperer”.  After he made this large claim, he’s earned himself the privilege of purchasing all gifts for every kids party we are invited to…ever.  He’s offered his Gift Whisperer picks too.

Today’s gift guide is all about the boys!  Enjoy!

Here are the Gift Whisperer’s selections:

Playskool Sesame Street Big Hugs Elmo

Playskool Sesame Street Big Hugs Elmo

$49 18mo-4

I know there’s a little girl in the picture, but I know my son would love this.  It’s a hugging Elmo, c’mon.  Elmo always kills it with the three and under crowd.

Disney Planes Dusty Crophopper Wing Control Remote-Controlled Plane

Disney Planes Dusty Crophopper

Wing Control Remote-Controlled Plane

$33.99 3 and up

This is pretty cool.  Dusty is a “newish” character and he’s here to stay because there will be Planes 2 coming out next year.  Plus, your kid has to move to make Dusty move.  Perfect for burning off some energy!

VTech Kidi Jamz Studio

VTech – KidiJamz Studio

$50 4-10

Your kid can basically learn how to DJ!  Fun, I mean think about it, you get jams playing in your house all day!  Hmm, that could actually go either way….

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Secret Sewer Lair Play Set

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Secret Sewer Lair Play Set

$79.77 4-12

All I know is that TMNT are really making a comeback!  I feel like I can’t not see them in the grocery store or at Target.  And this looks very time consuming…perfect.

LEGO Legends of Chima The Lion CHI Temple (70010)

LEGO Legends of Chima The Lion CHI Temple (70010)

$98.99 8-14

I have to admit, I really knew nothing about Chima, but this thing is similar, in size, to the TMNT one above so I thought that was pretty cool.  Apparently Chima has become a battle ground for eight ancient tribes.  Yeah, that sounds boy-tastic.

Think Tank submissions (This list is for mostly 2-5 years):


Despicable Me 2 comes out on Dec 9.

balance bike

Balance Bike

garbage truck

Garbage Truck

Y Glider - Green

Y Glider Scooter


Here are a few more things to add to that stocking: a football, magnifying glass, chunky crayons, big boy undies, and jambes.

And here’s a great tip from Candice (see more about Candice here):

“I did this last year and it was perfect.  All kids love playing dress up.  After halloween, costumes drop 50-80% in stores and in some cases on-line.  So you can stock up for next to nothing!  Last year I cleared out Target and CVS.  I bought in themes (super heros, tv characters, professions, etc).  I bought a size or 2 larger than they are now so they could play in them the following years…kids love them and they have lots to play with friends and no one is fighting over the one Batman or the odd princess costume.  Christmas morning they did their ‘character show’, it was so cute!!”
Special thanks to the Gift Whisperer and my Think Tank.  I truly hope this helps.  Happy shopping!
Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Want that Wednesday – The Holiday Gift Guide

  1. That Balance Bike!!!! Where is that from? I think that is what Chris has been trying to describe to me for days…. Some great ideas, thanks!

    • Yes! I can just see sweet Caleb cruising on one! We have one for Lou. The link takes you to Toys R Us, but they are everywhere. I saw the same one at Walmart and Amazon.com. Glad I could help!


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