Meet Melissa

Jules and I


It’s finally Friday!  That means I have a lovely lady for you all to meet!  Her name is Melissa and she is pretty fantastic. I’ve known Melissa for about 10 years.  We met through Leslie when they were both just out of college and working at Pottery Barn.  When I talk about Melissa, I usually refer to her as Julie.  No, you’re right, that’s not her name.  But the first time she told me her name was on the phone at Leslie’s house. (on a land line – yeah, those were really common 10 years ago…now, not so much.)  I could swear she said it was “Julie” and that she was on her way over.  So I told that to Leslie and she was obviously very confused because she knew of no one named “Julie”.  When Melissa showed up Leslie said she was real confused about how I could mix up those two names.  Who knows?  But from that point on, I’ve called her Julie more often than not.

Julie Melissa has always been on the cutting edge of fashion and always knows everything about the major designers.  When she was living in San Francisco she introduced me to the best boutiques, restaurants, bars, and brunch spots in the city.  Melissa loves to have a good time and is always quick with a laugh.  (She’s also a notorious butt grabber. Ha!)  She is a very caring person who is always concerned about her friends and how they are doing.  She’s just super easy to be around and always laid back.  These days she lives in Seattle, and even though I don’t get to see her as often as before, it’s always like no time as passed.  Another gift Melissa offers is her knowledge of the Napa valley.  Yep, she’s my go-to whenever I have a question about the wineries, where to stay, or where to eat.  She truly has her finger on the pulse of everything fabulous!

On top of being fiercely fashionable and very beautiful, she’s a driven career woman.  Between her Chief of Staff position at AT&T and being a stylist with Stella & Dot she’s super busy and balances it beautifully!  She will always take time to fly down to the Bay to see friends and family.  Since she started with S&D, she has thrived!  You can tell that she truly enjoys the jewels, the parties, and meeting new people!  Seriously, what’s not to love?

Meet Melissa

1 - melissa selfie

Well, I was born in New Haven, Connecticut….ok let’s skip ahead. 😉  I grew up, most of my life, in the Bay Area (Danville, CA to be exact), graduating from Carondelet High School (all-girls school right across the street from De La Salle) and went to college at the University of San Diego – studied abroad in Florence, Italy for a semester – best time ever!  This is probably a good time to mention, even though my last name is now Smith, I’m 100% Italian – and very proud of it!  After graduating college with a degree in marketing and minor in Italian, it was my dream to live in the city of San Francisco which I did for about 4 years – had the best one bedroom apartment that $1,850/mo (ouch!) could get you at the time right in the heart of the Marina District.  Lots of fun memories from my single days in the city – many of which include Moma Momtourage herself – but we’ll keep those stories for another time.  Just prior to living in the city I landed a sales job at Cingular Wireless (now AT&T) in the East Bay and after a few years finagled my way into the mobility marketing department – so I could put my degree to work, make a bit more money and buy my first Mercedes!  It was the cutest car too – a little silver coup (manual transmission of course – what else would you have in SF?) – and I loved it.  I loved the car and I also came to love my service advisor too.  Yep, he’s now my husband – you just never know!

2 - airport

Eric and I had just been dating a few years when I was offered a Director level role to relocate up to Seattle, Washington with AT&T.  There was no way that I couldn’t take this job – and I will forever love my now husband (and not just for this reason) for the choice he made to support me and my career and pack his bags too – remember at the time we were not married or even engaged for that matter.  It took him almost a full year to find a similar job in the Seattle area and he proposed a few months after I relocated.

3 - seattle

I have since found great success in my career with AT&T mostly due to hard work, long hours and of course the support of my husband.  I just celebrated my 10th year anniversary with company and it has been quite the adventure.  Since relocating 4 years ago, I’ve have held three different roles with AT&T and most currently am the Chief of Staff for our SVP of the Device Portfolio and Developer Program.  I continue to learn a lot and thank God every day to have a flourishing career, loving family and great friends.

Currently Coveting:

4 - new house


A house to call my own.  Eric and I have been renting ever since we moved up to Washington State (over 4 years ago!) and I’m anxious to get a place to call my own.  That way, I can finally get one of my besties, Leslie (of Leslie Harris Keane Interiors and this POST) up here to help me remodel, upgrade, and decorate so it feels just right.

I really love…

5 - jewels on jewels


Anything Stella & Dot of course!  A few months ago I became a stylist with Stella & Dot and I love, love, love everything!!  I just can’t get enough but am currently loving this statement piece from the Holiday line – The Phoenix Pendant ($118) – wear it long or short, it’s an eye catcher either way!  If any of you are looking for a side gig while your babes are sleeping, this is the perfect season to try out the business, make some extra money, get gorgeous jewels for free…and you can also earn an iPad mini!!  I have 2 more spots to help mentor women – click here to learn more!

Guilty Pleasure…

6 - bravo


Reality TV!  I seriously can’t get enough of housewives, game shows, Kardashians, talk shows, Shahs, the People’s Court (LOVE!) and my current obsession?!  Love it or List it (original or TOO).  What’s getting in the way??  WORK!

Fave beauty items:

7 - wand


T3 SinglePass ‘Whirl’ Styling Wand $130


Keratin treatment.  Can’t live without it.  Ok…I have a 2nd too – I’m really proud of myself – I’ve never really been able to curl my hair with a curling iron but when I picked up the latest crave – THE WAND  – my life changed.  I love the fact that it comes with a Michael Jackson glove and that the Nordstrom saleslady let me in on a trade secret – wand in hand, put your opposite arm above and over your head to curl the other side!  Works like a charm.

Recent mommy moment…


8 - march of dimes




Well, I’m not a mommy yet, but this year the March of Dimes asked if I would be the Auction Chair for the Signature Chefs Auction in Seattle. I can happily say that we raised over $215,000 (goal of $100k) at the event and all proceeds go towards funding the mission of the March of Dimes – that every parent has a healthy child and that every child gets a healthy start.


I really needed to know that wand trick!  I bought a curling wand three months ago and have only used it twice because I could recreate what the stylist had did!  I’ll have to give it another try….

If any of you would like to book your own trunk show and earn lots of free jewels – click here to let her know!  Special thanks to Melissa for letting us all into her life!  Isn’t she fabulous!

Have a great weekend!



3 thoughts on “Meet Melissa

  1. well… goodness….Amanda, what a wonderful, glowing read you wrote on Melissa….can only say, YOU hit it right on! She is all of those things, plus MORE! Ron and I are SO very proud of our daugher, and the young woman she has become! Her choice in choosing Eric as her “forever love” only proves my point!

    Thank you, again Amanda, for writing such a terrific story! You all have something special, in your friendship…..never take it for granted!

    Enjoy! love, cris

      • WELL, thank you again, Amanda……besides your blog is pretty spectacular!!! amazing…..have fun this weekend with “my” girl 🙂 take care


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