That’s Pinteresting……

wreath - 11-7

I hope you are all enjoying your week!  Loved the CMAs last night!  You can see all my comments throughout the show on my Facebook page.  However, I did fall asleep before they ended, but that’s what DVR is for, right??

Earlier this week Kindra got us into the Thanksgiving spirit with her fabulous decor.  Today, I’m giving you my top Thanksgiving pins to add a little pinsperation to your life.  I hope you enjoy!

cork painting 11-7


Lord knows I have enough corks hanging around my house!  Plus, I think this craft is perfect for even my 2 year old!

hot toddy - 11-7


This is a pumpkin spiced hot toddy.  Shut the front door!  This could be a fantastic fall night cap!

pumpkins as trays 11-7


Warning, the link doesn’t take you to the exact post, just the blog.  But this display os so cute.  I usually like to add height with crates or cake plates, but this is too cute and so simple!  Love it!

thankful kids 11-7


I’ve seen a lot of you doing the Days of Gratitude on FB and I love it.  This is a great and simple way to include your kids in the spirit and help them understand the meaning of the holiday.  If you’re not religious just change #7 to whatever works for you, your family, and your belief system.

turkey gobble 11-7


They call this Scarecrow Crunch but I’m thinking I may call it Turkey Gobble.  Either way it looks delicious.  I love all these salty and sweet chex mix recipes.  If you haven’t tried them yet, you really should.  They don’t disappoint.

wreath - 11-7

No longer available

His name is Tom the Turkey and he was on Etsy, but now no longer available.  In fact the shop doesn’t have any items at all.   Sorry guys.  But I think it may be doable to DIY.  I started making my own wreaths last year and I was shocked at how simple it was!  Plus, this guy is too cute!!

Are you pinspired?  I hope so!  Have a great day everybody!





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