Want that Wednesday

Want that Collage

By now, everyone should know that I love love love me some jewels.  The majority are costume, but that doesn’t mean I love them any less.  I’ve been pregnant twice and each time I could still wear all my jewels (except my rings).  I mean, during a time when even my shoes didn’t fit, I could always count on my favorite statement earrings or a killer necklace.  I’ve been picking up pieces here and there ever since I can remember.  I love J.Crew, Banana republic, Anthropologie, Stella & Dot, House of Harlow, Kendra Scott, and anything vintage.  The collage above is a snapshot of my favorites that I currently have on display.  I change them out with the seasons or when I get something new.  This also happens to be my most favorite place in my house.  It’s beautiful to me and it’s the only place that is always in perfect order.


That sconce was my Grandma’s, it used to hang in her dining room.  I love seeing it daily and thinking of her.



The glass tray that my perfumes, bowls, and other items sit on belonged to my other Grandma.  I love having pieces of them with me.  She’s alive and well and she loves that I adore it so much.  This is the place that I look at and take a deep breath when everything feels like it’s going crazy around me.


SD Collage


I recently sorted through all my pieces to make room for new ones because this Saturday I’m hosting a Stella & Dot party!  Woot!  You’re all invited!  I’ve been going through the website trying to narrow down my faves.

  1. On the mark Necklace $49
  2. Vintage Twist Bracelet $39
  3. Mae Necklace $49
  4. Charm Necklaces
  5. Renegade Cluster Bracelet $59
  6. Avalon Bracelet Clutch – Bright Cobalt $69
  7. Kimberly Necklace $89
  8. Zinnia Bracelet $49
  9. Color Crush Statement Necklace Set $34
  10. Union Square Scarf – Frida print – $59
  11. Paris With Love Necklace $22
  12. Mercer Zip Wallet – Poppy $79
  13. How Does She Do It – Navy Ikat
  14. Peacock Chandeliers $69
  15. Haven Ring $49
  16. Liz Drop Earrings $59

Well, now I’m in big trouble!  Too many pieces to love!  I think I need to do some more narrowing down.  If you would like to stop by my S&D party let me know!

Have a great day mamas!



6 thoughts on “Want that Wednesday

  1. Over here in Marin, we mom’s are carrying around soccer cleats and baseball gloves in that Ikat print bag 🙂 Gotta dress it up when you can.


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