Thanksgiving Tip and Tricks Tuesday with Kindra!

Hello hello….
Is anyone else sad that we had to lay to rest our headstones that say…lay to rest…ironc right?  Well, I am a wee bit sad that I can’t say things like “spooktakular” or ‘Halloweenie”  anymore.  Also, my son (2) loves to point out things that are spooky, but he says pookie.  This is particularly funny to me because a close friend of mine refers to her lady parts as her “pookie”.  Seriously, it never gets old.  “Mom, look!  Pooooooookie!”  Hilarious.  Next year he will have proper pronunciation and I will have only dear memories of this hilarity.
Anyway, brush your blues away, Memory Makers, because we have a whole new holiday to prep for.  And this one isn’t about being “pookie” (you laughed right?) or asking strangers for candy while wearing a mask.  This one is about moral high ground.  It’s about tryptophan and over eating.  It’s about football people!  That’s right Thanksgiving, where you teach your family about having an attitude of gratitude and a love of America’s sport.
Thankfully I have someone to help us all transition our decor smoothly.  Remember Kindra?  From this post.  Well this beautiful and talented mama is back!  She’s here with a guest post to give us tips and tricks to make your home get all dolled up for a Thanksgiving feast!  And, she’s such a giver, she’s giving us a recipe too!
Kindra Hi
Also, she is the owner of Pinwheels and Polka Dots.  They offer themed party rentals for any occasion.  I love what they have because it’s very unique because most of it is hand made or vintage.  You should totally like them on Facebook.  Here she is:
Kindra's fall Collage
Fall is such a wonderful time of year. I really love everything about it! The change in weather, fall colors, leggings and boots, winter soups, red wine, and of course decorating for Halloween and Thanksgiving are some of the highlights of the season. I get so sad every year because retail stores always skip Thanksgiving! Hello folks, is no one else thankful to sit down to a giant plate of food and several bottles of wine and dine with your loved ones until you are stuffed like a turkey? That’s good stuff right there!
This year I am hosting Thanksgiving and I am so excited. I not only love to cook but will jump at the chance to decorate for any occasion and I believe this holiday is just as important as any other to get festive for. At our house the transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving is a simple one. All the spooky decorations get boxed up and the rest stays. This includes pumpkins, burlap runners, apothecary domes, crates and buckets.
I typically begin by bringing in most of my pumpkins as well as picking up some gourds, squash and indian corn at the market. I always love to bring natural elements into my decor. This is the perfect season to do so. Sticks, leaves, raffia, hay and acorns are great basics you can keep from year to year and will cost very little. Michaels and Jo-ann Fabric carry many of those things but it is also fun to do a nature hike with the kiddos and let them pick up some items to add as well. They will love being able to participate!
I love to decorate with unused items we have around the house. Things that are tucked away in a closet or drawer or the garage. Giving them new purpose in an unexpected way is thrilling to me. This year I dug out the old pitchfork and hoe, tied on a burlap bow and left them at the front door with a vintage crate and some pumpkins. My husband thought I lost my mind…I probably have…but I love it!
For the front entry I kept most of the normal decor (crate, bucket, bottles, picture) but added the touches of pumpkins, raffia, corn, hay and acorns. I picked up two of those vintage inspired paper buckets at Cost Plus this year. Love!
The living room has some other small harvest touches as well. Woven stick pumpkins from Home Goods and some bundles of wheat from Michaels complete the fireplace. My new table at the side holds the other paper bucket of corn and a vintage feed scooper I stuffed with mini pumpkins. The scooper and table were purchased at Gracefully Vintage– my most coveted store around town. On the coffee table I left my usual crate and bottle decor but added a little wheat and some jute ribbon.  Next to the couch, a bowl of cinnamon pumpkin potpourri courtesy of Pottery World.
Our kitchen table is always covered with a burlap runner and this great tray I nabbed at Home Goods.  All I do is change out the items on the tray for the season. My beat up teapot and silverware were perfect for this food-tastic holiday. A couple pumpkins and an acorn and done.
Next, the kitchen island. I literally bought the corn for this and nothing else. Repurposed my old champagne bucket and added the amazing metal pumpkin I received for my birthday (also from Gracefully Vintage). Added straw and mini pumpkins under the domes and some more burlap fabric to complete the look. The burlap fabric comes in several sizes and is available at Michaels, Joann, and Hobby Lobby. I use it year round.
IMG_6987 IMG_6986
Last, and most importantly, the dinner table. This year I invested in some new napkins and placemats. Found these placemats at Pier 1. Love them! They say Blessings, Grace, Share, Gathering and Thanks. I have not completely set the utensils and glasses yet because I don’t have enough for the week otherwise but you get the idea. I own china but I like a more casual plate for this holiday. For me it keeps it comfy and relaxed. Don’t be afraid to mix your fancy and casual too. That can be fun! For the centerpiece I used the existing bowls but added grapevine balls, deer antlers (from GV) and more pumpkins. I also picked up the acorn at Joann’s last year. Again, I bought nothing except for the table settings.
IMG_7008 IMG_7007
The moral of my story is this…don’t forget Thanksgiving! Keep it simple. Repurpose and use what you have. Pick up some basic items you can use year after year. And, incorporate the elements Mother Nature leaves at your doorstep. It will be fun and festive and you will be thankful you did it!
I mentioned that I also love to cook. Below I have shared my favorite Thanksgiving recipe. I have found this to be the BEST cranberry sauce ever. Make copies of the recipe because everyone will want it. Cheers!
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup granulated white sugar
2/3 cup orange juice
1/4 cup water
2 TBLSP Gran Marnier + a splash on top when completed
1 (12oz) package fresh cranberries
In a saucepan over medium heat, dissolve the sugar in the orange juice, water and Gran Marnier. Stir in the cranberries and cook until they start to pop (about 10 minutes). Remove from heat and transfer to a bowl. Sauce will thicken as it cools. Once cool add a floater of Gran Marnier on top. Yummy!
Wow!  I hope you all are as inspired as I am!  She really knows how to create a lovely aesthetic.  Special thanks to Kindra for taking us on a tour of her home.  It’s beautiful!  Your Thanksgiving guests will never want to leave!
Have a thankful Tuesday everyone!

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Tip and Tricks Tuesday with Kindra!

  1. What great ideas! And they seem easy enough even for those less talented in the decorating department(such as myself). Thanks for sharing.


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