Meet Ana

photo 2
These are some astronauts that had a blast last night, I’m sure!
Today’s Five for Friday comes from Anastasia!  I’ve always loved her name.  I’ve known Ana for a very long time.  I’m talking kindergarten people!  That’s right: the kids your children are making friends with now are the very same people they could be blogging about 28 years later….CHOOSE WISELY!
We played soccer together, swim team, volleyball, and did girl scouts.  Pretty much everything you can imagine.  We’ve toilet papered many-a-house in our day.  She’s one of those people that just never changes, and I mean that in the best way possible.  She always kind and she always looks fabulous.  She has always been the girl that I have taken style cues from.  She has been the person to introduce me to many brands.  Without her I may have never known to wear Keds and that a crisp Ralph Lauren button up can make even a 16 year old girl look pulled together.  I feel so lucky to have stayed in touch with this mama for all these years!
Ana is very fashionable and very sweet.  She’s an Italian beauty who is always dressed impeccably well.  She is never without a smile on her face and she loves to laugh.  Ana has that “understated elegance” thing down.  Her home is beautifully decorated with an enviable classic and antique meets eclectic vibe.  It’s a balance I strive for, but she really hits the mark.

Meet Ana

photo 3
I grew up in Sacramento in Land Park and moved to Seattle for college.  I went to Seattle University where I met my husband,  Brady, freshman year.  We’ve been together ever since.  Even with a few years of long distance right after graduation.
After I graduated from Seattle U I moved to my favorite city in the whole world because I knew my life would never be complete if I didn’t live in New York. I worked on 40th and 6th Ave in Manhattan– right near Bryant Park– for a public affairs consulting firm. and I eventually transferred to their Washington DC office.
Ana's fam
Long story short, after about three years in NYC, my husband (we were dating at the time) was living in Washington DC so I moved to be with him.  We lived in Washington DC for six years. I went back to school for my Masters in Government at Johns Hopkins University and I worked in Public Relations at the National Retail Federation. I could read and talk about retailers all day long.  Loved it!
ana fam
And when William was born at the very end of 2009 we decided we wanted to live near family. So we moved back to Sacramento a year later. We’ve lived in Sac two and a half, almost three years.
Ana's boys
I went back to work almost two years ago and I work for a small political consulting firm. Andrew was born in March. And my boys LOVE each other. Way more than I could ever imagine. Especially at this young age.  I love being home with my boys but I am also happy to stay connected with my profession. I am not sure if there is ever a balance, but i try to take one day at a time.

Currently Coveting:

jcrew pixie pant
My list is a mile long. Truly it is. But for today I will try to narrow it down, I want everything from J.Crew.  From the casual to the business to the party attire. One thing that tops my list-  I really love these collection leather pixie pants.
If you haven’t tried the pixie pants, they are the best. They work for all heights and shapes and sizes. And they are so comfortable. They feel like yoga pants, but look more dressy.
I am a working mother so I need clothes that transition from the office to preschool and the park. J.Crew really offers wonderful transition pieces from work to play. I love colors and how J.Crew style mixes patterns like they belong together. I love the oversized jewelry and I love that leopard is a neutral and can mix with any other pattern or color.
(Uh, all those things sweet Ana said are like my exact mantra!  Words straight out of my mouth.)

I really love…

courtly check enamel

My Mackenzie-Childs dish wear!  I always have grand plans of hosting dinner parties and I stock my home with dining accessories like I host often. Well, in reality. I don’t. I have two little boys at home. And I always make an excuse why I can’t host a dinner or a party. But I plan to someday.

market flowers
When I got married seven years ago, I was gifted an amazing set of Mackenzie-Childs accessories for the kitchen. And in 2009, before we moved to California from Washington DC, I received a full set of dishes in the courtly check pattern.
market flowers white
When I began collecting, Mackenzie Child’s wasn’t really a household name outside of the Northeast, but more recently the brand has become more widely known– even sold at Saks and Neimans. I just love using everything from this set and over the years as I have collected my pieces are a mix of patterns and flowers (Market Flowers in blue and white). It just adds a touch of whimsy to my house full of boys. And did I mention the dishes are enamel? So they are safe to use with kids as they don’t break.

Guilty Pleasure…


Yoga! It’s not cheap. And while it’s good for the mind, body, and soul- I always feel a little guilty leaving my boys and doing something for myself. But, I also know I should do it more often.
ana with carrier
I have a 7 month old and I love holding the little guy. My body, however, gets exhausted. I love yoga because it strengthens my core and makes me a stronger mama to hold and carry my little ones!

Fave beauty items:

If I were stranded on an island and could bring four beauty items- I would bring my Kate Summerville sunscreen SPF 55; my Badgal Lash mascara, my Nars blush in Desire and Tarte Lipsurgence.
I imagine sunscreen is an important part of every woman’s beauty routine. In sunny Sacramento we really need to shield our precious skin all year long.
I think mascara just opens and brightens the eyes. I always look more awake after I put on my mascara.
NARS blush
I went to college in Seattle, and one of my best friends and a native Seattleite taught me about the importance of blush. It is a must for women in the Northwest because oftentimes the sun doesn’t shine for months. I think blush just gives a little more life to a complexion that doesn’t fade with the temperature or sunlight.
tarte fiery Tarte lively
Fiery                                                Lively
And, recently, another good friend introduced me to a very wearable lip color. I love pink lips and Tarte lipsurgence is made from natural ingredients, has a minty tingle and is easy to put on even in the middle of a busy day. I love all of the darker pink colors. My two favorite colors are fiery and lively.

Recent mommy moment…

Anyone who has boys knows they have a lot of energy. My three year old loves to run. He runs laps around our house. Sometimes he pretends something is chasing him. Sometimes he wants me to chase him and sometimes he just runs. At school, he has found a pack of boys who run, run, and run during outside playtime.

photo 1
  A few weeks ago my three year old was running so fast he tripped and split is forehead open on the pavement. The teachers tried to call me, and they tried to call my husband but because we both have Washington DC cell phone numbers their landline wouldn’t put the call through. Thankfully, I listed my mom as the third emergency contact so she came to the rescue. It was a little stressful, but we all survived and I realized that my son is at a school with the sweetest and most concerned teachers and parents. I also learned that stitches are of the past. They used glue to close the cut on his head. Who knew!
Awww, poor William!  At least he looks like he’s staying strong!  Isn’t she just the best!  I need to try on some of those pixie pants!  Also, I have used that Tarte LipSurgence before, it is pretty fantastic!  Special thanks to Ana for taking the time to dish with us today!
Have a great weekend!




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