Meet Leslie


She is one hard working mama!  Leslie is a big-wig in the marketing world and she’s developing her own brand!  And that brand is booming!  Check her out at and like her on Facebook.  This beauty has turned her lifelong passion for interior design and her love for antiques into a business.  She’s crazy-talented, mamas.  She has a way of seeing how something “should” look then implementing it in the most unexpected and beautiful way.  It’s totally second nature to her.  I’ve seen her work, and it’s effortless.

leslie 1

leslie 2

Meet Leslie…

Leslie lives in the east bay with her husband, two young children and six chickens. In her spare time, she enjoys flipping though the latest issue of Vanity Fair, playing tennis with her daughter, and searching for unusual and interesting treasures for your home.

I feel very lucky to call this lovely woman a dear friend.  We first bonded over our love of toe touches and super low-rise and super tight Gap jeans in college.  Those days, we never met a dance floor we didn’t love.  She taught me how to “snake-it-out”… it changed my life.  We were roommates, classmates, and co-workers all at the same time.

These days we’re more likely to “holed-up” at her house and catch up on each others lives over a few bottles of champagne.  Or head to SF for some shopping!  We bond over the similar experiences we’re having with our kids and our love of jewels.  She teaches me how to accessorize my home…it’s changing my life.  And we’ve still never met a dance floor we didn’t love.  Some things never change!

Read on to learn more about this design guru, it’ll change your life!!

Currently Coveting:

rejuvenation light fixture

Rejuvenation  Lighting Fixture

keane house

 Keane Kitchen

Rejuvenation hood light fixtures. Ever since we’ve moved into our home, I’ve been looking for the perfect pendants for our kitchen. We live in a historic home, originally built as a milk barn in 1879. The home was completely renovated in 2007. They did an amazing job, but as a designer, I love adding touches that make it our own. The Rejuvenation lights are cool and modern but still work in my traditional kitchen.

I really love…

micheal kors tweed micheal kors gold micheal kors 3

I’m crazy for coats! When the weather turns a bit brisk I fill my closet up with tweed and leather. This season I can’t stop wearing my tweed Michael Kors jackets. They’re perfect with jeans, over dresses, and transition well between day and night!

photo bomber

Last seasons trend I can’t let go of: my moto jackets. I have them in lots of colors and they too are great for all occasions! I recently rocked this lavender lovely at a Pink concert with some friends from college including Mama Momtourage herself! Take note of the  photo bombing by a stranger, totally creepy but it made us laugh.

Guilty Pleasure…

bird necklace

I have a couple. The first is jewelry! My husband calls me a gypsy and a jewelry hoarder. I’m crazy for statement pieces….the bigger the better!

lulu frost vintage

Vintage or antique pieces that I find at Estate Sales while hunting for client’s treasures always find their way into my bag. Which brings me to my other guilty pleasure…estate sales! I love finding unique and interesting treasures from the past. I recently went to a sale that had over 1000 different camel figurines. Crazy right…but so fun! I didn’t buy any camels (although now I wish I did) but walked away with some gorgeous vintage ornaments, a cropped fur jacket, and some amazing bronze vases.

Fave beauty items:

make up collage

Benefit “that gal” $29////Clinique Up-lighting liquid illuminator $26////Clinique True Bronze Pressed Powder $26

Like all mamas, I’m a busy lady and don’t have time for a ton of primping in the morning. Here are a couple of my favorite go to items…nothing fancy but they get it done.  I use Benefit “that gal” almost every morning. This has been a staple of mine since college and I have had it in my makeup bag ever since. I’ve tried other fancier versions of primers and brighteners, but I keep going back to this gem.  I also love Clinique bronzer! I use the Up-lighting liquid illuminator and their True Bronze pressed powder.

Recent mommy moment…

My daughter Ava is turning 4 in a couple weeks. She’s hilarious, outspoken, and sticky sweet! She keeps us all entertained with her daily words of wisdom.

ava wava

Here’s a quick conversation she had with her nanny. My husband and I went to a 40th anniversary party last weekend and she was trying to convince her nanny that she should be able to stay up to wait for us to get home….

Ava: “She’s not even going to be there for that long. I’ll wait for her.”

Nanny: “She will be there for two more hours and you’ll be fast asleep by then”

Ava: “Well (which comes out like… ‘whale’), the party is only for old people.”

Nanny: “yeah.”

Ava: “So how come she’s there?”

I love that girl!!!



How adorable is her daughter???  Special thanks to Leslie for sharing all her favorites with us!  Be sure to check out her website to see more of her beautiful interiors.  It’s chalk full of design inspiration!  Now I need to go to HomeGoods or something…..I suddenly feel like my book shelves could us a little something.

Have a great weekend!





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