My Halloween decor….

HalloweenDecor collage

With Halloween quickly approaching I thought I would share my own decor.  We’ve seen so many different styles here, here, and here.  Special thanks to this lovely mamas for inviting us into their homes.  I’ve spoken a little bit about my decor at Folsomette.  But now, I’m giving you the all access pass.

MM halloween Collage



This charming totem pole of pumpkins sits just outside our door and welcomes ghosts and ghouls alike.  This is from HomeGoods years ago.


My entryway in adorned with this creepy scene.  The pillow is from Target this year.


The littlest witch of the house is always leaving her mode of transportation lying around.


The name of holiday hangs above.  The garland is from Rod Works this year.


My chalkboard easel has a playful and teasing message but the creepy people on it make you think twice about getting too close to those unique gourds below.  (Art work compliments of my uber-talented hubby.)



Loving this orange chevron emblazoned initial from Kirkland’s.


This is the spookiest gourd.  Kinda looks a little like the mask from Scream…(Not sure where he’s from.  I’ve had him for at least 10 years.)


There is a beautiful flower arrangement just pass the easel that has this scary skull mixed in with the beautiful mums. (He’s from a shop in Tahoe City, CA called Hemmings and Jarret.)



My daughter’s room is showing off her Halloween artwork she’s made throughout the years.  There is always a revolving door of artwork depending on the season.


In the hallway our rat friends are scurrying about.  These are from Joann’s.


Above the rats is gallery wall with an enchanted mirror.  Not sure why Old Uncle Larry likes our hall so much…Ghost cling ons also from Joann’s.


My son’s room has this creepy crawler.  Not sure where he’s from, again, had him (and two more just like him) for at least 10 years.


In our family room another initial is being weighed on a vintage postage scale while a rat tries to take a nibble. Pumpkin is from Kirkland’s this year.



On the mantle, next the the scale is some artwork my hubby made when he was 16.  I think it’s spooky enough to be displayed this time of year.


There are these spooky black floating chandeliers hanging about our television….They are from the dollar bin at Target about 5 years ago.


There also some fall foliage on our mantel to complete the look.


In the kids play area you find this little sign.  This is a question for the ages.  This is from another shop in Tahoe City, CA called Cabin Fever.



There are some old photos of our family in there Halloween best.



Opposite the play area there is this spooktacular display.  The bones, bottles, and books are all from Rod Works this year.



Floating hats hang around next to the bones….The occasional skull also makes an appearance.  We like to keep things fresh around here.  Ok fine, someone short and cute (pictured below) may or may not have been playing with it.  These hats are from Target this year.


And this jeweled creepy crawler hangs above my jewels in my bedroom.  I have no idea where she’s from.  I’ve had her forever!  She also doubles as a hair clip.


I hope you enjoyed the tour of my spooktakular abode!  Now I’m off to drink some vino from a black cup emblazoned with a jolly roger!

Have a great Tuesday!


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