Meet Brandie

We had such a fun time last night at Momtourage Night Out!  Next time you have to join us, we go out about every third Thursday of the month!  Last night, the Momtourage surprised me with some yummy chocolate cake to celebrate my birthday a few days early.  Thanks Mamas you really made this girl feel special!  You totally rock.
Ok, do you remember Brandie from last week?  She gave us a tour of her spooky Halloween decor.
(Photo courtesy of Memories by Michelle.)
Brandie is one of the best girls a mom could ever know.  We met at a Mercy New Moms support group when our kids were just weeks old.  It was love at first exhausted eyed laugh.  Her son is about 8 weeks older than my daughter, to me she looked like a seasoned pro!  She was quieting her son while getting his bottle ready, then changed his diaper without stopping conversation.  I was standing there, unaware that my yoga pants were inside out, in complete awe.  I new we would become friends.
Meet the Kachurs.  They are a fantastic foursome.  Brandie is mom to two totally awesome boys.  Cole is sweet and holds the World Record for most questions asked ever and is destined to be a top reporter.  Max is a tank and destined be the guy at the frat house that will do any dare no matter what, but his lovely golden locks and blue eyes will stop you in your tracks every time.  Both boys have the most heart melting smiles you have ever seen.  Brandie gave up a crazy successful career to focus on raising Cole and Max.  She is hilarious and beautiful.   She’s funny, a great listener, always down for a good time, and a loyal friend.  Her generosity is something you will never forget.  She is the kind of person that you can’t help but smile when you think about, and whenever I am with her, there are non-stop laughs.  My cheeks are always aching like a beauty queen at the Ms. America pageant.  She is thoughtful, self-depricating, and always charming.

Currently Coveting:

I had this lovely in my hands recently while shopping in Vegas.  The leather is so soft and supple much like the Mahina leather but more durable. The toggle on the front is the perfect little pop of detail and a new design addition for Louis V.  I haven’t seen much else like it.  It was also large enough to fit all of your night out necessities. Love Love Love this.  A girl can dream.

I really love…

Sweaters!  I heart fall.  I’m addicted to big, warm, cozy sweaters.  My girlfriend Angie Quitasol is a CAbi consultant and it’s a running joke with everyone who attends the parties that I will for sure be buying whatever new sweater is in the line.  I recently bought this Blanket Sweater and I can’t wait to pair it with some cute booties or comfy flats.  It has an over sized pin closure on the front that I adore.  I would say my closet has no less than 10 go-to sweaters at all times.

Guilty Pleasure…

Red wine.  I love a good Cab or Pinot but the problem with me and vino is that when I drink, I want to eat.  So, I have to limit my wine intake to social outings and not for, ya know, just sitting on the couch.  Well, let’s be honest, with two small boys running around my world, a lot of sofa socializing between myself and a good red is still taking place.  My philosophy is that wine is a single serving.  Once you open that bottle you have to finish it otherwise it will surely be bad by morning.

Fave beauty items:

It’s been a real uphill battle for me and mascara.  It has taken years, and probably thousands of dollars, to find a mascara that I can truly say I love.  I was actually on a Momtourage outing and Mama Momtourage herself detoured us through Macy’s in San Francisco and introduced us to George.  George is not just a make-up consultant, he is an artist.  No really.  He actually dabbed around on my face with his brush a la Bob Ross and danced around a little while he worked.  It was an experience.  Anyway, he gave me a sample of this mascara and I have been buying it three tubes a time. No joke. Go see George.

Recent mommy moment…

 poison control 2
This actually kind of scary but I really laughed later when I retold it to friends.  My baby Max is 18 months old. He is into everything! I mean EVERYTHING.  So about two weeks ago he took a bottle of spray air freshener off the back of the toilet in my master bathroom.  I was standing in my closet grabbing something and when I turned around he was running away.  Well, he was able to twist it open and he drank it! He drank Votivo Red Currant Room Spray.  Well, right away he threw up a little in the bottle so the proof was floating around right there.  I had to call poison control and he was fine.   Yadda Yadda.
poison control
Anyway, about four days later I was standing there applying my fabulous mascara and talking to my four year old, Cole,  about whatever new Skylander is soon to hit the streets. Max was riffling through one of the drawers in the bathroom.
I wasn’t worried because I had already padded all the walls and removed anything he could possibly eat, drink or spray on his brother.  The joke was on me because lo and behold he weaseled a nail polish bottle out of the depths of a drawer that I somehow missed.  I didn’t even know I had nail polish anymore much less a quick dry top coat.  In two seconds flat with Cole and I both standing right there he had that sucker open and was shivering and spitting as if he took a drink.  My four year old immediately started crying and yelling that Max was going to die.  I grabbed the bottle and brush out of his hands and started yelling, “Did you drink it”?! To which he replied with a whole body shiver, “Yucky”!  Great.  Just great. I sat him on the counter and he immediately opened his mouth and let me smell his breath ( he knew the drill already, don’t forget about the room spray he drank just days ago).  Sure enough, his entire mouth smelled like nail polish.  As only my luck would have it, it was clear polish.  At least color would have given the details away a little more easily. My oldest is literally in hysterics.  He grabbed the phone and through his tears is begging me to please call Poison Control!  So them I shoved Max’s face under the faucet to rinse the polish out, Cole was crying and screaming that Max was going to die and I was trying to be calm and asked him to calm down and guess who walked in?  Whoops, my husband is working from home that day.  Awesome. Well, needless to say Max is still alive and we may have him tested for Pica disorder because I handed him a whole apple in the car yesterday and this is all he handed back to me. Where is the core, the seeds or the rest of the apple?  Wish me luck folks.  It’s going to be a long 16 1/2 years.
Hilarious!  These Mom Moments are killing me!  Isn’t she awesome!  Special thanks to Brandie for participating.
Have a great weekend!




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