Halloween in Candyland

horn CollageMuch like last Thursday’s “That’s Pinteresting” post, we’re creating Pinsperation again.  This time around, it’s on a much scarier level.  Let me introduce you to the Horns, a lovely family of five that hail from El Dorado Hills.  Even before kids, Mama C-ta really liked to go all out for the spooky holiday.  So it’s no surprise that her oldest son is following in his mama’s footsteps.  And Candice comes by it honestly as her mom, G-ma Sandy, is also a Halloweenie at heart. Here’s a tour of her very own “Haunted Mansion”.  Enjoy! Horns

Hi there!

Halloween is our absolute favorite holiday, it even rivals Christmas in our household.  My youngest son’s due date was October 16th and after the 20th came and went, we were convinced we had a Halloween baby on our hands.  He decided to finally arrive on October 22nd, giving us even more reason to go big this time of year.

new baby D

Here’s baby D’s first Halloween ever, just 9 days old.

rat infestation

Don’t be alarmed!!  LOL!!  I’ve got a rat infestation in the kitchen.


cackling witch in the tree.


Here’s our not-so-kid-friendly graveyard in the front yard.


A very creepy crawly spider scaling the front of our house.


And this creepy guy sits on the bench right outside the front door.


Spooky old railing along the garden.

Sandy Taylor

G-ma: purveyor of all things new, used, odd, strange, eclectic, and sometimes unbelievably priceless!  This picture was taken at baby D’s 1st birthday party last year.

candice halloween 1b

A couple of years ago we acquired this amazing little Haunted Playhouse.

My mom, aka G-ma, is notorious for bringing over random odd things she thinks we just “need to have! “.  Anyway, G-ma delivered this spooky, hand-made, Haunted Doll House one day in October. Apparently, a friend (clearly obsessed with Halloween) had ordered a doll house kit online with the purpose of creating a Haunted Playhouse.  Well, long story short, she never completed it and after collecting a bunch of dust in her garage it ended up on my dining room table. IMG_4311 The exterior is amazing in detail with broken windows, spooky shutters, and a hand cut shake roof.  Because Tristan is the master crafter/collector/Michael’s frequent flyer, we decided to take it on as a project that year to completion.  And has been a seasonal “project” each year since. Tristan and the house The kids have absolutely delighted in completing and adding to their spooky house! Each October we map out what we will add and take a trip to our local craft hubs. Adding items like ravens, pumpkins, black cats, spooky hand painted furniture, monsters to live in the house, skeletons … you name it.  It becomes a real process and the kids are very happily involved with every step.  This year we are adding a graveyard.  They are making the gravestones out of Oven Bake Clay–a Horn house staple– and now they have asked to visit a real graveyard to get ideas for their gravestones…maybe next year… With 3 little ones, I have to keep at minimum one, if not all, busy at all times or utter chaos ensues.




We started crafting when the kids were young as a way to get through a long afternoon.  They have all continued to enjoy the process but more namely their creations and subsequent collections they acquire– like the Haunted Play house and all its wears.

horn Collage 2 I hope you’ve enjoyed my haunted house!  This one is dishing all the diet secrets!  Don’t worry, I’ll pass them along. IMG_5051 Spookily yours, Candice


So fun!  I love that little house.  One of a kind for sure!  The Horn house appears to be brimming with things that go bump in the night.  So fun for everyone!  Thanks for showing us around Candice! Also, Candice sent me this article from Baby Center’s website – “What kids learn from collecting”.  Inspired by her son’s love of collecting skeletons, creepy things for that adorable “haunted mansion”, and, of course, Angry Birds.  Apparently collecting items teaches our kids personal responsibility, a knack for organization, mathematical smarts, reading skills, social skills, and even budgeting skills.  I will never look at my daughter’s rock collection the same.  Every time I chat with Candice I always come away with something I didn’t know before.  Love that! Have a great Thursday mamas!




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